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We all think there is someone out there for all of us but are we meant to find that someone in every single life? Could it be that sometimes our destiny is not that simple?

I believe that sometimes during an incarnation we are meant to be alone. Not completely alone but alone in the ways we wish we weren’t. This being something that we are meant to learn from, a lesson the universe is sending us. We have to find happiness on our own during this time and learn that being independent is not necessarily a bad thing, we really get to know ourselves and even though we are willing to put in the work it takes to make a relationship thrive it just doesn’t happen for us.

Below I am going to go over some signs that you might be in this situation right now. Whether you believe you are someone who is destined to be alone in this life or not doesn’t really matter if you are then you are and if you are not then you are not. These are the people who just cannot seem to find the happiness they are seeking in the people around them, they are facing a lesson that is much more complex than they could have ever imagined.

9 Signs You’re Destined To Be Alone:

1. You prefer spending time with yourself than others.

There is nothing wrong with valuing your alone time. People who are supposed to be alone in this life are going to want to be off to themselves more. While this is not necessarily a clear sign it is a good sign when coupled with any of the following signs.

2. You are too picky.

If you are too picky chances are finding the right person feels next to impossible. Being too picky can set you up to be alone until the next life. While this is something we can work through it is not something many are willing to work through.

3. You have a flawed perspective of love.

If you think love is going to fix all of your problems you are going to be sorely disappointed. Love is not all it is cracked up to be. When things get real if you aren’t in the right mindset you will want to jump ship every single time.

4. You tend to find yourself in toxic relationships when you try and date.

When you do find yourself in a relationship it always turns out to be a toxic one. Every time you think you’ve found someone special they turn into something terrifying. You keep setting yourself up to be let down.

5. You are a very selfish individual.

If you are not willing to be a little selfless dating is not going to be something you can handle. Selfish people only hurt the people around them in the end. When it comes to being in a relationship you have to be willing to give freely and take the other person into consideration, always.

6. You are very stuck in your ways.

If you are not willing to change your ways you will be alone for the rest of this life. You have to be open to compromise. Compromise is something all relationships cannot thrive without.

7. You’re still finding yourself.

If you are still finding yourself chances are you’re not ready to be with someone anyway. You need to figure out who you are and what this world has in store for you before you bring someone else into it. There is nothing wrong with doing your own soul-searching.

8. You don’t like to be tied down.

If you are not a fan of being tied down being alone might be your best option. While this might change as time goes by your destiny might change as well. The universe tends to throw us through loops from time to time. However, as long as you are not capable of allowing yourself to feel this sense of being ‘tied down’ being alone is going to be a reality for you.

9. You are very much focused on your dreams.

The more focused you are on your goals and dreams the less time you have for other things. The universe might have something much bigger in store for you. Not everything revolves around romance and love.

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