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Narcissists target empaths for many reasons. If you are not prepared and aware of their presence they will drain you for all you are worth.

You probably already know all about the toxic attraction between the narcissist and the empath. They are drawn to one another in several ways and the empath almost always sticks around for far too long thinking that the narcissist can be fixed when he or she cannot. Below you will find a list of things the narcissist thinks the empath and well, all empaths owe him or her.

These are things that no empath owes a narcissist. If you are an empath and you are face to face with a true narcissist cutting ties and moving on is your best option. I have said it before and I will say it again, they are not worth your time or your energy.

9 Things Narcissists Thing All Empaths Owe Them:

1. Narcissists think you owe them your time.

All of your time should be spent with the narcissist in his or her mind. Even when they refuse to spend time with you, you should be sitting around waiting for them to pop up. They don’t want you doing things with your friends.

2. Narcissists think you owe them your attention.

Narcissists don’t want you to be paying attention to anyone but them even when they aren’t paying attention to you or to only you. They can do whatever they want but expect you to sit idle like a puppet. This is what reality holds for you with the narcissist.

3. Narcissists think you are responsible for their wrongdoings.

Narcissists do not take responsibility for anything. If they do something wrong they will always make it out to be your fault. You are responsible for everything bad that happens even when it is something out of your control.

4. Narcissists think you owe them your guilt.

They want you to feel guilty for things you have not even done wrong. They want to bring you down low so that they can get what they want. Everything they do is conditioning you.

5. Narcissists think you owe them your freedom.

Narcissists do not want you to have friends or family, they will isolate you. Part of their main goal is to take away your freedom.

6. Narcissists think you owe them your listening ear even when they refuse to share theirs with you.

Narcissists do not want to hear you complaining or crying about anything. They want you to be there to hear them out but when it comes to hearing you out they will get mad and storm off. This is how things will always be with the narcissist.

7. Narcissists believe you are indebted to them.

The narcissist was kind and gentle in the beginning and from time to time that kind person comes out and that is more than enough for the narcissist to want you to feel indebted. They think the small things they do can make up for all the bad and negative things they throw your way.

8. Narcissists think you owe them kindness and understanding.

Narcissists believe that you should always be kind and as understanding as possible towards them. Even when they are screaming in your face they expect you to just take it. They want you to be as obedient as possible.

9. Narcissists believe they own you.

Narcissists truly believe you are their property. They do not see you as an equal, just a toy. You deserve better than this.