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Kids seem to grow up faster and faster these days, with kids having more and more access to the ever-changing world in modern times. In spite of this, no matter how fast society is moving, it is important to remember that if your child is ten-years-old, they are still a kid.

Don’t get me wrong, at ten-years-old, your child isn’t a baby. Ten years old is a big age. It’s the first double-digit age your child will hit and in this stage, your child will begin to mature in some ways. However, it is also during this stage that your child will begin to push the boundaries that have been set in place. Of course, this might have you questioning things. Regardless, remember that the following 9 things are not something a ten-year-old should be doing.

1. Having unrestricted internet or phone access.

A lot of kids have been granted this privilege far too early. The internet is a pretty intense place to be a free-roaming play place for a child. While you might want to give your child what they want, at the end of the day, you need to be monitoring what your child has access to and limiting it, when it comes to the internet.

2. Sitting for hours.

Sitting for hours is an activity that no one needs to participate in, especially kids. Your kid’s childhood years, even ten years old are important developmental stages. They need movement and activity for their brain to thrive and flourish. Sitting on their butts all day will only harm their physical and mental health.

3. Watching anything rated pg-13 and over.

Around the age of ten, kids will begin to model what they see others doing, more than ever. When they are watching movies with adult themes, like sex, drugs, violence, or alcohol use, they might get the wrong impression.

4. Sitting around drinking sugary drinks.

It’s okay to have treats here and there, but if your child is drinking nothing but cokes or juice all day long, then they are getting a ton of sugar and about no nutrition from those beverages.

5. Wear provocative clothing.

It is our job to protect our children. Your child may be itching to fit in, but it sends the wrong message when they are allowed to wear things that show off their body. Firstly, you are teaching them that their bodies hold more value than their minds.

6. Using social media.

Kids want to look into social media because the whole world is on there. However, children are not old enough yet to handle the internet. There is simply too much going on in that world that your child is not ready for yet.

7. Playing teen or adult games.

When a video game has a T for Teen or an A for Adult on it, then it is not for a ten-year-old. The themes contained in games like this can be pretty provocative, even for teens.

8. “Going out” together with a girlfriend or boyfriend.

It might seem harmless or even cute, but your child is too young to have a boyfriend or girlfriend at ten years old. However, studies have shown that early romance can destroy your child’s confidence and sense of self. Not only that, but it can begin to open doors that should remain shut at least for a few more years.

9. Sleeping less than 9-10 hours.

Kids need rest and lots of it. While your ten-year-old may not need the 12 hours a two or three-year-old needs, they do need at least 9-10. Why? Because their brain is still developing and much of that is happening while they are resting.