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When it comes to twin flames there are a lot of things that can get in the way. Just because your twin flame is supposed to be your ultimate partner does not mean things with this person are going to work out in every single life you live.

When it comes to being with your twin flame honestly, most of the time parting ways is the best option in the end because the energies are just too intense and things end up going south eventually. Below you will find a list of things that usually cause those who are meant to be to separate. These things can tear apart even the most destined couple. When it comes to being in a real relationship with your twin flame you really have to work much harder than you would in a normal relationship to really overcome obstacles.

9 Of the Most Common Things That Ruin Twin Flame Relationships:

1. Finding each other at the wrong time.

If you link up with your twin flame at the wrong time things will not be able to work. Sadly nine times out of ten this is what happens. We find one another and are not ready or are too caught up in other things to really connect in the ways we want to. We may do alright for a little while but things just fizzle out and both parties end up going their own ways.

2. Forgetting to nurture your inner power.

If you forget to nurture your inner power you will not be able to maintain any kind of real relationship in this sense. You have to be able to maintain your inner power or energy. If you are unable to keep yourself where you need to be you won’t be able to keep your relationship where it needs to be.

3. Letting drama have a place in your relationship.

If you and your partner let drama hold space in your life together things will never work. You have to remove yourselves from drama and ignore gossip. Drama ruins everything, literally.

4. Refusing to let go of the past.

When we refuse to let go of the past we are constantly digging up old wounds. If you cannot heal these wounds you cannot move forward with your twin flame. The past is something we all need to learn to let go of.

5. Forgetting about your connection.

If you both get caught up in life to an extreme extent you will lose track of the connection you have. When this happens you may fizzle out and while it is the least painful way to part it still sucks. Energies die down when they are not fed into.

6. Thinking this person will make all your worries go away.

If you think your twin flame is going to make everything in your life perfect overnight you will never truly be happy together. This person is not going to be able to force you to overcome anything. While having them around does help it won’t fix you or your problems.

7. Focusing too much on the negative.

If you are focusing on negativity too much your relationship will suffer. You have to feed positivity into your relationship and care for one another. Your mindset needs to be shifted if you are a negative thinker.

8. Letting the opinions of others get in the way of your happiness.

If you let other people get to you, your relationship will suffer. You really need to do things you want to do in life and you need to overcome things on your own. Don’t do something just because your friends want you to. Be who you want to be. You are in charge of your life.

9. Not loving yourself enough.

If you don’t love yourself enough your twin flame will not be able to comfort you properly. Your relationship will not be able to flourish if you aren’t taking care of yourself. You have to be where you need to be within your mind and body.