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Emotional intelligence might not be something everyone in this world has, but it is something many of us possess. The more we can relate to others and how they’re feeling, the more emotionally intelligent we are.

For those who might not be aware, emotional intelligence is basically someone’s ability to identify and manage not only their emotions, but also those of other people. The more emotionally intelligent we are, the more capable we are of working with others in this world and relating to them on a real level. Sure, it might not always seem important, but emotional intelligence really comes in handy.

9 Things All Emotionally Strong People Have In Common:

1. Emotionally intelligent people are good at solving problems.

These kinds of people are capable of really getting to the root of all issues. They are able to resolve problems effectively and help people get through some of the toughest hurdles in their lives. While it might not always seem like their route is the right one to take, in the end you see things more clearly.

2. Emotionally intelligent people aren’t afraid to ask for help.

These kinds of people don’t hold back. When they are struggling, they lean on their support system for help. While some people are too ‘proud’ to do this, the emotionally intelligent person knows why support systems are in place. We all help one another as best we can, above all else.

3. Emotionally intelligent people can see things from different perspectives.

These kinds of people are able to take themselves out of the situation and look at it from a different perspective. This makes them great at giving advice and allows them to understand others more clearly. If it weren’t for this, they would have more hostility than they do.

4. Emotionally intelligent people are more willing to accept change as it presents itself.

These kinds of people are capable of accepting change as it comes and do not usually run from it. They embrace the things that happen in their lives and take situations one day at a time. You just can’t get them down, even if you’re really trying hard.

5. Emotionally intelligent people don’t hold onto the Past.

These kinds of people let go of the things from their pasts. They know that the things they have been through do not define them, and they hold their own quite well. The present moment is something they are quite aware of.

6. Emotionally intelligent people learn from their mistakes.

These kinds of people learn from the mistakes that they make in this world. They do not let go of the lessons they have learned and are constantly growing. This is something those who are lacking in this area are never going to get right.

7. Emotionally intelligent people don’t let setbacks hold them back in ways other people do.

These kinds of people know that when something happens or changes, they still need to keep pushing forward. They are always working to accomplish all they can and constantly doing their best. They make things happen even when the entire situation itself seems impossible.

8. Emotionally intelligent people are able to recover from emotional pain much quicker and more properly than others.

These kinds of people go through pain just like everyone else, but the way they respond to it sets them apart. They grow and overcome rather than dwelling and letting it eat away at them. These people take things as they are and from there they find themselves.

9. Emotionally Intelligent people are much more capable of handling criticism properly.

These kinds of people are able to take the bad things people say and use them to their advantage. Whether you mean to hurt their feelings or not you will be unable to break them. They know that people say things to get under the skin of others all too often.