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The miracle of life comes with endless surprises. Perhaps one of the most surprising things to me, is how much a baby is capable of, even while it is still in the womb.

During pregnancy, no matter how difficult things may be, it’s pretty hard to not think about what is going on inside your uterus. Between all of those movements, and everything in between – it’s obvious they are doing something in there. However, exactly what is it that they are doing? You might be surprised by how much they are capable of while they are still inside the womb.

1. They can taste your dinner.

When you eat, your amniotic fluid takes on the flavor of the food you are consuming. While researchers don’t know for sure, it is thought that the reason for this is that our body is trying to prepare them for the flavors of food they will encounter later on.

2. Male fetuses can get erections.

Baby boys can get an erection while they are in utero. While this might sound odd, it’s pretty normal and is a sign of a healthy baby. In most cases, it just signifies that the little one needs to pee.

3. They drink amniotic fluid.

Because the kidneys are formed in the first trimester towards the end, when the baby swallows amniotic fluid-they pee it out and drink it again. They are pretty much-drinking pee. However, this is normal and healthy.

4. Their entire body is covered in hair-which can cause heartburn.

At 16 weeks, your baby will begin to grow hair all over its body. This sheds before the baby is born, but while the baby is still in utero, research has shown that the hair on the baby’s body DOES cause heartburn.

5. They hiccup.

While your baby is inside of you, they will hiccup. This starts in the first trimester, but you likely won’t notice until the third trimester. Don’t be alarmed if it does happen-it means that your baby is developing as it should.

6. They cry.

Babies who tend to scream and cry after they are born likely got a lot of practice in the womb. However, crying inside the womb is different and silent. Once they get outside of the womb, they can cry, to the noise.

7. They are tuned into the outside world.

While you might think that because the baby is inside of your stomach that they cannot understand what is happening outside of the womb, that couldn’t be further from the truth. On the contrary-they can understand what is going on, as far as hearing sounds and even seeing flashes of light.

8. They can hear and form memories of music.

Babies can hear a lot of what is going on outside of the womb. They can breathe in sync with the music and even remember the music and form memories of it.

9. They play.

While we often associate play with something that babies do after they are born, they do it before, too! So, if you are up for it, poke your tummy and say their name. Talk to them and engage with them- they might even playback.