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Being in a relationship is never easy. You are going to have good times and bad times but if you are having more bad times than good ones, is it really worth it?

There are good relationships and bad ones. A high-quality one is a great relationship. Sadly, most people don’t end up finding high-quality relationships. They settle for people who don’t deserve them and allow toxicity to eat them up from the inside out.

No relationship is perfect but you should at least be able to say the following things are visibly present. Whether you’re having doubts or just curious these signs will really tell you if he is a keeper or not. If you don’t have/can’t do the following with him, he isn’t worth your time.

9 Signs You’re in A High-Quality Relationship:

1. You are able to truly trust one another.

You are not going around wondering if the other is cheating. You both know that together you are going to do just fine. You aren’t having to wonder if someone is lying about something constantly.

2. You respect one another.

You are able to respect each other. You have boundaries and are not going to hurt one another. This is something many people struggle with in their relationships. Mutual respect is necessary.

3. You both can communicate properly.

You are both able to talk to one another. You don’t have to hold anything back. When something is bothering you, you sit down and talk it out.

4. You love being around each other.

You love each other and being with one another. You could spend all day together and not get bored with this person. You like being together.

5. You can be intimate with one another.

You are both physical in the ways that you need to be. You are compatible in this manner and everything is great. No one is being left behind sexually.

6. You are both not afraid to speak your minds.

You are both able to speak freely. If you need to say something you can say it. You do not judge one another.

7. You both have your own privacy.

You trust one another so privacy is never an issue. You have your time and he has his time. That’s just how it is.

8. You treat each other with kindness.

You treat each other well and care for one another. You are kind and gentle even when things are heated. You are both very matched in this way.

9. There is balance within your relationship.

There is not too much alone time or too much couple time. You have worked out all the kinks and are where you need to be. Finding balance is not easy but it is necessary.

Image via Power of Positivity