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Spiritually gifted people often go through things other people do not. They might feel something others do not or even come across things other people rarely ever see as they are quite unique.

If you are spiritually gifted you know exactly what I am talking about. You experience strange things quite often and it sometimes happens more than you would like. Below I am going to go over the things that tend to happen to those who are more spiritually inclined. How often do these things happen to you?

9 Strange Things That Spiritually Gifted People Experience Frequently:

1. Waking suddenly during the witching hour.

The witching hour is the time of night most associated with supernatural events. During this time you may wake suddenly and feel as if you were being watched. Sometimes there will be emotion with this and other times there will not.

2. Feeling that peculiar tingle.

That strange but interesting feeling you get from time to time. This might be a chill down your back or even a lightness in your fingertips. This happens to me more often than I would like to admit.

3. Being approached by any and everyone.

People are drawn to those with spiritual gifts. If you are more open and aware people will come forward and seek you out. While sometimes being approached is fine there is a line that you need to put in place.

4. Having far too vivid dreams or nightmares.

Spiritually gifted people often have very real dreams. This is because they receive messages in their dreams. Sometimes those messages are good and other times they are not.

5. Being affected by the lunar cycles.

Depending on the moon phase you may experience trouble sleeping or even be more anxious than usual. The new moon may be more giving towards you than the full moon but in between is where things die down. Paying attention to the cycle might help you get to know yourself better.

6. Sensing negativity before you even enter a room.

Before you even enter a room you can feel the energy radiating out of it. If you are walking into something bad you most likely know beforehand. This helps in many situations.

7. Having random outbursts of emotions.

As someone who is spiritually gifted sometimes you will build up far more emotions than you need to. These emotions sometimes come out in bursts and are a bit embarrassing depending on the situation. Have you ever dropped to your knees in tears for no reason?

8. When animals can sense your energy.

Animals are drawn to energies that are warm and welcoming. If you are spiritually gifted this is the kind of energy you have. You often find yourself surrounded by animals even in nature they seem to come out to visit.

9. Hearing a helpful voice from time to time.

Have you ever been wondering something only to have some random voice give you the answer you needed? This being a quiet voice in the back of your mind or even a loud stranger that isn’t really anywhere to be seen. While it can be alarming it is the universe sending you an answer.

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