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When asked what a person of high intelligence seems like-you are likely to get a myriad of answers in response. While all intelligent people are not created equal-there are most certainly signs that can indicate if someone is intelligent.

There are many different forms of intelligence. There is emotional intelligence, intellectual intelligence, and even beyond that. Intelligence has many different facets that we often don’t think about. Below, I am going to go over some unique signs of intelligence that you likely have never considered. After reading, it- tell us your thoughts in the comments!

1. They value solitude.

A 2016 study found that people who are of higher intelligence tend to fair pretty well on their own. In fact, this study found that the more intelligent you are, the less satisfied you are with having a big social life.

2. They are night owls.

People who are of higher intelligence tend to be night owls, according to research. A 2009 study found a major link between childhood IQ and sleep habits among young adults. What they discovered was the smarter individuals in the study tended to wake up later, and stay up later.

3. They keep their circles small.

A lot of times in our society, if you don’t have a ton of friends, you are considered to be weird. However, a study found that it is ingrained in our DNA for us to stick to smaller groups versus larger ones. The thing is- because intelligent people are more aligned with their biological drive, they tend to be the ones that thrive in small circles versus larger ones.

4. They are adaptable.

Intelligent people are more flexible than others. Under certain circumstances, intelligent people are more likely to find a way through rather than give up. Psychological research supports this because it is thought that a part of our intelligence involves survivalism.

5. They know they don’t know it all.

There is a quote by Socrates that says, “I know only one thing: that I know nothing.” When you assume you know it all, you leave no room to learn more. And intelligent people continue to stay open to new ideas.

6. They are always curious.

Curiosity is directly tied to intelligence. People who tend to become more intelligent got there because they had a thirst for knowledge. When you think about it- curiosity is the birther of intelligence.

7. They worry.

People who have anxiety worry a lot. However, worrying is also a sign of intelligence. A 2011 study found that intelligent people do not worry as much about things that are unlikely to happen, but instead worry about potential threats in order to prepare accordingly.

8. They have a dark sense of humor.

People who are intelligent tend to have a more twisted sense of humor, according to a growing body of research. This is likely tied to the fact that twisted humor takes a deeper mind than easier-to-understand jokes.

9. They have larger pupils.

This was perhaps the strangest to me, but research has found that larger pupil size is directly linked to intelligence. The reason for this is that it shows a greater working memory and a mind on high alert.