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Where is the one place we are more than anywhere? Home, of course! Home is a safe, comfortable place for us all, but you have to be sure to promote good vibrations there. If you don’t, you can experience a world of mental afflictions.

Everything around us, including ourselves, is made up of a vibrational frequency. These vibrational frequencies can be affected by a number of external forces like other people, dreary days, or even eating bad food. However, we can take advantage of these alterable vibrational frequencies to ensure that we have the most positive of vibes surrounding us at all times. What better place to start than home? Here’s how, according to Buddhism!

1. Take Care of Your Things

If you don’t take care of your things you will never have a true appreciation for anything. It doesn’t matter how you acquired it or how much it costed, by taking care of your things you ensure that you have a personal value of your things that mean a lot to you. No matter how cheap it was, it still cost you your hard earned money in some way. Take care of it.

2. Appreciate What You Have

In Today’s society we have a very bad habit of washing for things that we don;t have. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, direct your attention to how thankful you are for the things you do have and the people you have to share it with. By appreciating the things you have in your home you can promote good vibes in many different aspects of the nest.

3. Start Your Days Early

Wake up in the mornings before everyone else is up. Take some time to enjoy the silence and the new beginning of a new day. Drink some coffee or tea while you wake yourself up and prepare for what you have on your agenda. Waking up early can give you a completely new outlook on the day, promoting good vibes all day long!

4. Let the Air Circulate

Before you begin cleaning your home in the morning to get you started for the day, open up the windows and let the air circulate all throughout. By letting some fresh air in you can allow the negativity to flow out. Fresh air is soaked in positive energy and can make anyone feel better!

5. Declutter

Decluttering is an excellent way to cleanse your house of negative energy and increase positive vibrations. Clutter has even been shown to make people feel depressed. By throwing away the things you don’t use, you allow yourself to focus on the present and what is necessary.

6. Have a Clean Sink at Night

Having a clean sink at night can promote positive vibes because nothing feels better than waking up to a new day with no prior to do list. How can you focus on today if you are still cleaning up the mess of yesterday?

7. Focus On What You Have To Get Done

When cleaning your home you must not get too sidetracked. You have to be familiar with what needs doing and keeping yourself from getting distracted. Procrastinating can seriously increase negative energy because it’s just a buildup of things you don’t want to do. Instead, focus and get them all done. Then let your mind do all the wondering it wants!

8. Share The Work

Share all the work for the household. Don’t just take on the load by yourself because it will only cause you to become stressed. It also helps everyone be proud of the communal living because each of you pitched in to help! Happy roommates equal a happy home, right?

9. Express Yourself

Expressing yourself can make you proud of the place you call home! Decorating and designing your house to look more like you can make you feel right at home where you belong. it eliminates the energy of the person who lived there before you by making it truly your space!