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Most cheaters would like to think that they are good at covering their bad behaviors. Of course, many are, because we often do not know what signs to look for, but thankfully, if you know what to look for, you can spot one, no matter how sneaky they may be.

Being cheated on is a painful experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It hurts. It feels like someone ripped out your heart and stomped on it. Perhaps the worst part is the feeling as though you’ve had someone make a fool out of you. If you are beginning to have a bad feeling that your partner is cheating, and feel like you are missing something, look out for the following behaviors.

1. Flirting

Cheaters tend to be flirty. That isn’t to say that if you are a flirt you are a cheater 100% of the time, but if other characteristics are noticed or other signs and your partner is always flirting with other people, then it’s likely they are not being faithful.

2. Lying

Before catching a cheater in the act, most people report noticing lies. Even lies about stupid things can indicate a cheater. The thing is, while everyone lies sometimes, pathological lying is linked to cheating.

3. Overly jealous.

Is your partner suddenly super jealous? Perhaps they are suddenly accusing YOU of cheating. Most cheaters tend to project their behavior onto their partners to justify their wrongdoing.

4. Picking fights.

Cheaters will try to find a way to rationalize their behavior, by making themselves feel like they are the problem. In turn, they will likely find stupid reasons to be mad at you, and will even fabricate stories in their mind in order to start a fight.

5. Detachment.

When someone begins cheating, they may seem detached. This is because they are at odds with themselves about their behavior. So, they may pull back from you to feel better.

6. They need ‘privacy.’

When a partner suddenly demands more privacy for no reason, it’s a bad sign. For example, if your partner has always been cool with you looking at their phone, but now their password has changed, then they are probably hiding something.

7. Excessive defensiveness.

People who are doing wrong will get defensive. They may feel like you are accusing them of something because deep down they feel guilty. People who have nothing to hide don’t tend to be over-the-top defensive

8. Attitude changes.

Pay attention to your partner’s attitude towards you. Have they gone from loving to completely distant and closed off? If this is the case, something has changed and it is likely that they may be participating in some unsavory behaviors.

9. Their personality changes.

When we are involved with someone, we tend to pick up the mannerisms and behaviors of that person. So, when a man cheats, he may start to behave like his mistress. Pay attention to his behaviors and habits, they can tell you a lot.

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