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While there are tons of spells and tricks out there using your own personal magical energies to bring forth the changes you wish to see will work much better than anything you find on most websites. Prosperity is one of the hardest things to manifest and also one of the most sought after.

No matter who you are you could most likely use a little prosperity magic in your life. Whether you want to move up in your career, have more money, or anything else of the sort changing your mindset will help you get there. That is where you should begin things above all else.

Through calling on the energies at play in this universe and uniting them with your own you can do great things. If you are unhappy with where you are, work to get somewhere else and keep your mind where it needs to be. For some tricks and tips on how to truly use your personal magic to really bring prosperity take a look below. These tricks will really get the flow of manifestation going.

9 Simple ‘Magic’ Tricks To Bring Prosperity Into Your Life:

Trick #1: Stop Obsessing With Your Finances

The more you obsess over your finances the worse off you will get. While you should be aware of your debt you shouldn’t let it define you. You are going to get through this and the more you obsess the less you will be able to see that. We are all brought to specific things for specific reasons. If you find yourself you will also find abundance in more ways than you’d ever imagine.

Trick #2: Believe In Yourself

Believing in yourself is one of the most important tricks on this list. You cannot manifest prosperity if you don’t believe in yourself. The more you feed into your own energies the stronger they will become. If you become stronger the things you need and want will come forth whether you expect them to or not.

Trick #3: Take Care Of Your Mind & Body

When it comes to bringing forth prosperity you can’t just focus on finances only, you also have to focus on your mind and body. Take care of your health in all possible ways. Be as in the flow as you possibly can by cultivating a healthy positive mind and body.

Trick #4: Be Clear With Your Intent

If you want to be more clear with your intentions you need to repeat your affirmations time and time again. When you’re hitting a rough point in your life you need to talk yourself up. Activate your energies through meditation and remind the universe of what it is you want.

Trick #5: Be Aware Of Your Words

Don’t talk so negatively about others or yourself. Be as positive as possible about everything within reason. If you want opportunities to come forth you need to create an environment for them to thrive. While this might sound a bit silly, the words you use have a direct influence over what the universe has in store for you.

Trick #6: Be Mindful Of How You Use Your Money

Don’t go around spending all of your money, be mindful within reason and don’t waste each dollar you get. The harder you work the further you will get; keep abundance and prosperity in mind as you move throughout your day.

Trick #7: Meditate On Flowing Water

Meditating over the flow of water is supposed to promote the positive flow within your life. It will bring forth great things and make the energies within your body able to move forward more properly. The water in your mind will be flowing to you and bringing all you could ever imagine forth in your life.

Trick #8: Share What You Already Have

Don’t be stingy! If you have a little extra to share and someone you care for is in need, help them. You get what you give in this universe and the more you do for others the more rewards you will reap in the end. Make sure you’re where you need to be and are not getting taken care of but don’t close yourself off from those who want your help.

Trick #9: Find The Right Crystals

Carry crystals with you that are supposed to promote financial stability and wealth. Some of these stones include citrine, topaz, jade, and labrodite. Do your own research on stones and choose the ones that stand out most to you. The crystals that resonate with you will make the most differences in your life.

While a lot of these tricks are simple, they are all effective. Doing these things throughout your day to day lives will bring you closer to your goal. You are capable of so much more than you could ever imagine.

Featured Image Via Jills Found On Pixabay