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At some point in your life, you will find the perfect person for you. While you may have to go through quite a few duds along the way, the person you’re going to spend your life with will end up before you when you least expect them to.

What you think of as perfect in your mind right now might not be what you end up with. Being with the perfect person or finding the perfect person doesn’t always mean actually being face to face with someone who is unreal. Most of the time it is finding someone you’re so compatible with that even the most imperfect things within them become truly irresistible to you.

We have all been in relationships that we thought were going to last only to find that something was just not meant to be. When this happens it can be truly devastating but it shouldn’t be something we allow to force us into giving up on love. Doubt and questions will always present themselves but truly meaningful connections will stand the tests of time.

If you’re currently in a relationship and wondering if you’ve finally found someone who is exactly what you’ve always needed the things listed below will be quite present. Take a look and think each one through, do these things apply to the romantic situation you’re in? Have you found the perfect person for you?

9 Signs You’ve Found The Perfect Person For You:

1. This person is there for you when you need him/her the most.

When you’re with someone who is a good fit for you, they will be there for you through all the rough spots. The perfect person for you is not going to be someone who jumps ship when things get hard. Your perfect person will help you keep the ship from sinking time and time again.

2. You both talk about the future and see yourselves growing old together.

If you are able to talk to this person about the future without them getting cold feet they might be in it for the long haul. Someone who you don’t mind growing old with and want to spend your time with is someone you should give your energy to. The perfect person for you is not going to be someone who is afraid to speak about the things to come.

3. This person is someone you can communicate well with.

The perfect person for you is someone you can communicate with. He or she will talk to you about the things that matter the most. Both of you are going to be able to express yourselves and get your emotions out as needed. Without communication you have nothing.

4. You both help one another reach your goals.

Dating is all about reaching goals together. You both have to mesh your lives into one and really go for the things that matter the most. When you’ve found the perfect person for you, he or she will help you get where you want to be and you will do the same for them. You will be each other’s biggest fans, literally.

5. This person brings out the best in you.

If the person you’re with makes you hate yourself, he or she is not the one for you. Your perfect person will bring out the best in you. He or she will make you feel amazing and emphasis just how important you are. Don’t allow someone who breaks you down to stick around.

6. You both put the same efforts into the relationship.

When it comes to love you both have to be putting forth the same amount of effort, otherwise, things will not work. Your perfect person will try just as hard as you do to make things work. Even in the worst moments, you will know that the person you’re with is doing all he or she can to be by your side.

7. This person does not overstep your boundaries.

Boundaries are something we all need to have and enforce. Your perfect partner will not overstep yours and you will not overstep his or hers. This is because the two of you have a sense of mutual respect. When you’re with the perfect person there is no questioning whether or not that respect is present.

8. This person is always open and honest with you.

Honesty is something you cannot go without when it comes to dating. If your partner is not honest with you then you’re not with the right person. Your perfect partner will be someone you can trust without any doubt in your mind.

9. You know that this person loves you and that you love this person.

Of course, there will be ups and downs but once you’ve found the perfect person for you their love will not be something you question in the ways you’ve questioned it in the past. You will both know that the feelings you share are genuine. If you’re sure that the connection is real, you’re well on your way to something spectacular.