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While it might not seem that serious to everyone, emotional manipulation is a very big deal. When someone we care for is emotionally manipulating us, they are abusing us on a level that we should not have to deal with.

Emotional manipulation can have lasting effects and comes with a lot of deception. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might indicate you’re a victim of your relationship and being manipulated in one of the worst possible ways. While getting out of this kind of relationship might be hard, it could be a lot more beneficial to your own well-being than you could ever imagine.

9 Signs You’re Being Emotionally Manipulated:

1. You do not feel as if your emotions are valid.

Whenever you are upset or angry your partner downplays everything. It’s as if he or she doesn’t care how you feel, and they make you out to be overreacting. The way you feel is not something they concern themselves with and you should see it as a red flag.

2. Your partner gives you the silent treatment when you refuse to give in.

If you disagree with your partner or call them out on their wrongdoings they stop speaking to you. This leaves you feeling as if you have to give in to get back on his or her good side. The longer this persists the worse you end up feeling.

3. Your partner is always doing the most to make you feel guilty.

When your partner does something for you but you refuse to do something for them they guilt trip you. Everything they do for you is something that they see as a tool to be used over your head. You are not able to say no to them and that in itself is more than enough reason to leave.

4. Your partner always says one thing and does another.

Toxic people love to say one thing and do another. The closer you are the more you will notice this. He or she might sell you the best story but if they refuse to follow through is there really any point?

5. You feel like your partner is always using your weaknesses against you.

Your partner likes to let you speak first so that he or she can use the weak points in your words as weapons. This is how he or she makes you feel like you’re in the wrong. You are not a toy and your weaknesses should not be taken advantage of in this manner.

6. Your partner is always quick to anger and never gives you time to explain anything.

When you’re with someone who is playing with your emotions they will always lash out when something goes wrong. This is because it changes the mood of the situation and leaves you trying to calm them down rather than resolve the issue at hand. They are in a lot of ways all ‘smoke and mirrors.’

7. Your partner is always lying to you over small stuff.

Your partner should not be lying to you. If they are withholding information or changing things around even on a small level you should see it as a red flag. There is no sense in going out of your way to make up a story when the truth wasn’t that bad, to begin with.

8. Your partner is always playing the victim.

When you call your partner out on his or her shit they flip it around on you. This is called playing the victim and is their way of making you feel bad for them. They believe that in doing this they will be able to convince you to forget about whatever it was you were mad about, to begin with.

9. You feel like you give your partner chance after chance without seeing any kind of real change.

If you’ve given your partner multiple chances, and he or she had never made any real changes you’re beating a dead horse. You deserve someone who puts time and effort into your relationship. Is this person really worth wasting your time on?