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Sometimes in life, we get turned around and catapulted into something new. And while this may seem scary, it can actually be a very beautiful thing.

If you are at that point where you are getting turned around, then you need to be preparing for that catapult. Major energy life shifts happen a lot more often than you might think. These changes will shape you into who you are supposed to be. If you are experiencing any of the following you need to be prepared for something amazing to come.

9 Signs You’re Headed Towards A Major Life Shift:

1. You notice a drastic change in your sleeping pattern.

You either sleep too much or can’t sleep enough. There is no in-between at this point. But there is a reason for this, you are entering the beginning stages. Insomnia often accompanies life shifts.

2. You feel very out of place.

You don’t feel like you really fit in anymore. You are not the person you want to be and it is really affecting you. Wanderlust has gotten you down and out, and sitting in one place is not going to help hurry things along.

3. You feel an urge to settle matters of the past.

You feel like settling the scores of your past will help you to feel better. Do not rely too strongly on this one. This shift has you going in another direction.

4. You are becoming increasingly emotional.

You are becoming quite the volcano of emotions. This is because you are stirring up things that have not been dealt with yet. These things were locked away for a reason. You must prepare yourself for the possibilities within.

5. Everything feels like it isn’t real.

Something about reality has you feeling odd. Nothing feels real anymore, not even your friends and family. I guess this could be the reason behind the next thing on this list.

6. You find yourself spending more time alone.

You have become more solitary. Spending time alone is your normal. You are reflecting on things you never thought you would actually think of again. This is something we tend to get far too caught up in.

7. Synchronicities become an everyday thing for you.

Strange coincidences keep popping up, and nothing gets past you. How many times have you seen repeating numbers in the past week? All of this is happening for a reason. Your spirit guides are trying to tell you something.

8. Your spark of passion has been lit.

You are finding passion in some of the strangest places. Everything is falling were it should and you could not be happier. You finally feel like your purpose is coming into place.

9. You sense something is coming.

Sometimes we can just sense these things. It depends on where you are on your path and what is heading your way. Do not be discouraged if you cannot sense the shift, you will get there.

Remember major life shifts are not always a bad thing and regardless you can end up in some pretty amazing places. Be true to who you are and do not fight these changes. As I said above, everything happens for a reason. If someone decides that they want to make this shift harder on you the video below will help with what you should do.