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Sure, we all know narcissists are present in the world around us but when we come face to face with what one would consider to be a reserved narcissist we are dealing with a more intense evil. Reserved narcissists and ‘regular’ narcissists are nowhere near the same thing, reserved narcissists are much more sneaky and all the more willing to go the extra mile to break you down.

While all narcissists are self-obsessed, not all are as open and outspoken about it. Normal narcissists are going to be quite braggy and go out of their way to talk about themselves but reserved narcissists are not going to do it in such an open manner. They are more sensitive to criticism and are easier to get on the explosive side.

Reserved narcissists are much more unstable in how they move through their lives with their insecurities. They cannot come to terms with the parts of themselves that they are self-conscious about and are always feeling as if the world is staring them down. They have a lot on their minds and in their hands to the point where it’s like nothing anyone does matter unless it has to do with them.

Reserved narcissists are a lot more hidden in how they move forth with their attacks. They will trick you into being with them and sticking by their sides only to hold you back in some of the most painful ways. Their behaviors affect everyone around them but to them, that doesn’t really matter. Below you will find a list of signs that someone in your life might be one of these reserved narcissists and hopefully, this will help you to better understand what is going on in that person’s head. Please remember sometimes cutting ties with those who are toxic towards us and for us is for our own best interest.

9 Signs You’re Dealing With A Reserved Narcissist:

1. You never see them doing anything for anyone other than themselves.

These kinds of narcissists don’t pretend to care for other people. They don’t help others or do things to make others feel better in order to gain things once all is said and done. They are much whinier than other kinds of narcissists and that’s quite apparent the more time you spend with them.

2. They do not think anyone is worth conversing with.

These kinds of narcissists do not think other people are worth their time or their efforts in conversing at all. While they do talk to some people overall they refuse to partake in small talk with most people. They come across as quite cold and closed off.

3. They are extremely passive-aggressive towards most other people.

If you ask them to do something you will almost always be met with some kind of passive-aggressive response. Unless things are going exactly as they want things to go, you’re not going to be getting a positive side of anything. They are very rude all the while not being ‘rude’ at all. When you leave their side it’s like you are unsure of how to feel.

4. They struggle to keep real relationships properly functioning in their lives.

Nothing in their personal lives seems to function as it should. They do not keep anyone close and if you want to be near them you have to work very hard. Unless they’re benefiting from you right then and there, they don’t see much point in being around you.

5. They think they’re better than everyone else but never outright say it.

While they might not be as obvious in how they display their superiority, they do think they’re better than you and everyone else. They act like everyone around them is beneath them, and they don’t care if you feel awkward or not. They are all about breaking your self-esteem down in secret and love making covert jabs.

6. They feel very misunderstood and ‘special.’

These kinds of people think they are special in general. They don’t think anyone else in the world can compare to them, and they believe that the world misunderstands them. It’s like all the people around them just can’t grasp the ‘greatness’ they feel they are.

7. They do not care to talk about or listen to other people’s problems.

These kinds of narcissists are not going to even pretend to care about your problems. If it doesn’t have to do with them, they don’t want to hear about it. You can’t come to them with your problems or ask them for real advice.

8. They cannot handle criticism, period.

You cannot tell these people anything when it comes to them doing wrong. They do not take criticism well and will fall apart and break down like world war three has finally begun. If you’ve ever said anything to them before that set them off you most likely learned to never do it again.

9. Nothing going on in your life matters to them.

Nothing you do or have going on in life makes a difference to these kinds of people. They don’t care about you or the accomplishments you make. They are just using you for their own personal gain, period.