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Cosmic information or universal signs are things that are sent to us by higher powers. These are tips and hints that can help us along our paths, if we ignore them we won’t get very far.

The more attention you pay to the world around you the better things will play out. Everything that happens to come before you is for a very specific reason. There are no coincidences and I think a lot of people need to learn how to truly grasp that concept. The things we do and the places we end up can either push us closer to who we need to be or further away from it. Our reaction is our own but the plan is not.

Sometimes cosmic information is being fed into our energy fields without us even realizing it and when that happens we tend to fall behind. If you don’t learn to recognize the signs as they appear before you, you will end up much worse off than you could imagine. If you think the universe might be speaking to you but are not sure, take a peek at the list below and look for the signs in your everyday life.

9 Signs You’re Being Fed Cosmic Information Without Realizing It:

1. Obstacles are coming out of nowhere.

If obstacles are coming out of nowhere then the universe wants you to be aware of something. What is it you are being held back from and what lessons are you learning? Something isn’t getting taught that needs to be taught. Perhaps you should be changing things in some way. Cosmic information is not always as easy to read as you might want it to be.

2. You feel compelled to move in a specific direction.

If you feel as if the universe is pushing you towards something then it probably is. The universe will be more than glad to give you the extra kick you need to get you going from time to time. If you’ve been waiting around trying to figure things out, go with your gut.

3. You are inspired for no reason.

The universe will inspire us suddenly almost as if it came out of nowhere, but as we discussed before there are NO coincidences. It will make sure you know where you need to go and what you need to do. As I have said time and time again, everything happens for a reason. All the thoughts that pop into your head are coming from somewhere.

4. You feel uneasy about something.

If you’re feeling uneasy about something it is most likely because your spiritual self knows more about it than your conscious mind does. Your higher being sees something that you cannot. This is cosmic information you are struggling to pick up on.

5. Things are manifesting before you.

If things are manifesting before you, the universe is letting you know that you are on the right path. When we are doing as we should the universe will reward us. The information you should be gaining from these rewards is that you should continue as you are. Do not stray from your path!

6. You’re experiencing a lot of emotion out of nowhere.

If you’re suddenly feeling ‘some type of way’ don’t be the kind of person to ignore it. Really analyze it and figure out what kind of information the universe wants you to get. There is a reason behind these emotions, you just have to find it.

7. Something you needed to see or hear came to you in a dream.

When you need to hear or see something the universe will send you information through your dream state. Dreams are much more powerful than you would normally assume, and it is so important that you don’t take any of them lightly.

8. Your train of thought won’t let you change your mind.

If you are out of nowhere stuck thinking a specific way that is because the universe needs you to realize something. The harder you try to stray the longer it will take. Really stop to think, help yourself figure this out. It could be a lot more simple than you’d assume.

9. The same situation keeps appearing before you time and time again.

If the same situation keeps presenting itself to you then you need to change how you face it. You are not doing something right and it won’t stop coming up until you figure out what that something is. The more you face it the better, try thinking outside of the box.

If you are having trouble trusting in the universe please check out the video below. The universe is not going to bring you to anything that you cannot handle. You are much stronger than you realize, and everything will work out for the best in the end.