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Most people believe in spirit guides, but we do not often realize the differences they make in our lives. Our spirit guides work to show us much more than you would think that they would.

For anyone who might for some reason not be aware a spirit guide is essentially a guardian angel or something of the sort depending on what you believe in. It is the being that watches over you and pushes you in the direction your soul needs to go. It is aligned with the source and is always working in your favor whether you think it is or isn’t.

Spirit guides are far more generous than we give them credit for. They watch over us and protect us in more ways than you could ever realize. Your spirit guide lets you know when something is going on or if there is something bad headed your way, but you need to know how to communicate with them if you want to be aware of their messages. Below I am going to go over some of the ways in which your spirit guides might be trying to make you aware of something bad that could be to come. If you notice any of these things, pay close attention to the things happening around you.

9 Ways Your Spirit Guide Might Be Warning You of Danger:

1. Through the things, you smell

Sometimes when there is something bad going on that you do not notice your spirit guide will make you aware of it. Perhaps something has caught on fire in an area of the building you could never really notice until it is too late? Your spirit guide might give you a whiff of something burning even if just for a moment to really bring your awareness up. While sometimes we do not pay enough attention to things like this, we should. Sometimes it could literally be life and death situations.

2. Through misplaced items

Sometimes we misplace things for a reason. Our spirit guide might move our car keys to keep us from getting in a wreck on our way to work. Sure, we might end up being late, but we also notice that something terrible had happened. We would have been apart of it had we left just mere minutes sooner than we did.

3. Through the resurgence of memories

Sometimes we begin to do things that we have done in the past without really thinking about the consequences. When this happens our spirit guide might present memories to us that we forgot about. This is a simple reminder of the danger we are putting ourselves back into.

4. Through doubt

Sometimes our spirit guide will fill us with doubt or negative thoughts. This is not to hurt us but to push us to question things. Perhaps our guide is helping us to shy away from something painful or dangerous.

5. Through your dreams

When we dream our spirit guides are more able to communicate with us properly. Your spirit guide might tell you or show you something in your dream that is to come. Never ignore your dreams. They are much more real than you might think.

6. Through strong emotion

Sometimes our spirit guides will send us strong emotions to make us aware of something that is to come. For instance, if we are around someone who wishes to harm us our guides might make us feel unsafe. This is something we should NEVER ignore.

7. Through deja vu

Perhaps you see something bad happening that hasn’t happened yet and the signals begin to occur, this is your spirit guide telling you that you should be aware. While signals like this sound outlandish they really do happen a lot more often than you’d think. Deja vu has saved lots of lives.

8. Through electrical disturbances

If you notice electrical disturbances don’t just chalk it up as nothing. There has to be something driving these kinds of things. Oftentimes they will be accompanied by other signs, listen to your spirit guides.

9. Through strange encounters

Our spirit guides sometimes use other people to hold us back or keep us entertained for a moment. You might come across someone who just won’t leave you alone and wants to talk your ear off and end up feeling quite annoyed only to realize that if that person had not kept you held up talking something terrible might have happened to you. This is much more common than you might think.