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Sure, our soul is who we are but it consists of a lot more than people tend to realize. Your conscious mind is not all you are, your subconscious is something that you should actively work to tap into and better understand.

When the parts of your soul that you are disconnected from begin reaching out to you, it might feel a bit weird at first but the more you start to get in tune with it the better. Communication on this level can be frustrating but the only way to allow it to flourish properly is to allow it to grow within. Our souls are constantly working to guide us to where we need to be and in doing so they speak to us through a number of means.

If you are experiencing any of the things below, you are being called on by parts of yourself that you may have never fully experienced. These things are important to pay attention to and can change a lot about your life. Do you want to reach your fullest potential?

9 Signs Your Soul Is Literally Speaking To You:

1. You see things in your dreams.

The things we see in our dreams can be very important. Never allow your most vivid dreams to pass without diving into their meanings. Our souls send us messages through our dreams that can allow us to find ourselves in ways we otherwise would be unable to.

2. You notice repeating numbers or other things of the sort.

Synchronicities are sometimes sent out by the universe or our guardian angels but not always. In some cases, you are sending them to yourself without even realizing it. Always be willing to take the time to look into the numerology of what you’re seeing firsthand.

3. You just know things.

Your subconscious will allow you to be aware of things it is aware of from time to time and that in itself is the best way to connect with your soul. When you are lost and your soul wants to help it will provide you with the knowledge you need to move forth.

4. You have a vision.

Visions are not as easy to read, but they mean a lot. If you’re experiencing Deja Vu or anything of the sort you should really allow your mind to explore it. Nothing in this life happens without reason.

5. Someone comes out of nowhere to tell you what you need to hear.

Our souls are powerful, sometimes they will bring people in our lives to say things that we have been needing to hear. If we’re struggling with something and the answer comes out of nowhere, we should embrace it. Don’t close yourself off from outside sources.

6. You feel something in your gut.

Those gut feelings we get mean a lot more than most people stop to realize. Your soul is doing its best to make sure that you’re feeling what you need to feel in order to align you with your highest self. Don’t ignore gut feelings.

7. You feel compelled to do something.

If you’re feeling compelled to do something it could be your soul reminding you that this is really something that you need to do for yourself. In order to grow and become the version of yourself you need to be, you have to take risks. Your soul doesn’t want you sitting in a rut for years on end.

8. You hear a thought or voice in your head.

The voice in your head is part of you. Those thoughts that come out of nowhere might mean more than you think. If you cannot shake it perhaps you should be working through it.

9. You see lots of animal omens.

When you see animals and other things of the sort that seem to be trying to tell you something, you should do your best to figure out what it is they are saying. Our souls on an energetic level relay messages to them that we otherwise would not be able to find. Animal omens are much more common than you might think and being aware of that is important. Dive as deep as you can and see what you can figure out.