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Regardless of your religious views chances are you’ve heard a thing or two about reincarnation. For those who do not know, reincarnation is basically the idea that when we die we are reborn again and again.

Some souls have lived many lives here on this planet and others just a few. There are old souls and there are new souls, everyone has their own levels of experience when it comes to manifesting on this planet that we call home and possibly others as well. While a lot of people think they are old souls, knowing for sure is a lot more complicated. There are tons of signs that can be taken into account and lots to add up.

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs and break things down a bit. If all of these things are present in your life then you very well could be an old soul. From this point, you will need to do a lot of meditation to get to the root of where you’ve truly come from. Your journey is your own.

9 Signs You’re An Old Soul:

1. You hate to waste your own time or the time of others.

You are not the kind of person who wastes anyone’s time including your own. You know when to leave and when to stick around. If something isn’t working, you are always ready to cut your losses.

2. You are more on the introverted side of things.

While it might not always seem this way, you are for the most part quite closed off. You keep your circle small and refuse to allow others to use you. You are a lot happier in your simple life than most could ever dream of being.

3. You always think things through properly.

You are not the kind of person to jump into anything. You always think things through and make sure you’re doing what you should be doing. You are not a spur of the moment kind of guy or gal.

4. You’ve never truly fit in with people of the same age as you.

You do not fit in with people who are the same age as you. Because your soul is older you fit in more with others who are a bit older than you. You are more mature and do not like the same things that people your age like. The standard craze and status quo just doesn’t interest you.

5. You’re always thinking outside of the box.

You know how to get things done and know that there are always more than one means of doing so. When one method doesn’t work you find another and try again. This is something many people admire about you.

6. You are much wiser than most people expect you to be.

The people around you always come to you for advice. You are much more wise and mature than most people your age are and it shows. You might be young but you’re not young within your soul. You have experienced so much more already.

7. Everything around you feels unreal.

The world around you feels strange and unusual. Everything is almost as if you’re moving through a dream more often than not. Nothing really sinks in like you would want for it too.

8. You are spiritually inclined.

You from a very young age were very spiritually inclined. You always look out for things that really get you thinking and are more in tune with the universe. You can sense more than most others.

9. You are able to see things from an outside perspective.

When something is going on in life you are able to break it down. You can remove yourself and look at things from the eyes of others and it really comes in handy. It’s like for some reason most of the people around you are unable to see the bigger picture while you’re sitting from where you can view it all.