We are all born with different abilities in this world and while we might not be able to figure out what those abilities are right off the bat, as we discover them we also discover our truest selves. That having been said, some people have the spiritual gift itself which is essentially a deeper connection with the Divine.

People who have ‘the gift’ are often those who are more spiritually inclined than the rest. They seek knowledge and are always willing to grow. If you want to know whether or not you have ‘the gift’, take a look at some of the more common signs below. This could explain a lot more about you than you might initially think it could.

9 Signs You Have ‘The Gift’:

1. Animals seem drawn to you and you to them.

Because you offer such a warm aura animals are often drawn to you.  You see them as they are and know their innocence is pure. This brings the two of you together in a big way.

2. People often come to you for help or for advice.

A lot of people come to you for advice because of how easy it is to speak with you. You carry yourself in a way that makes them quick to open up. With you, it’s like anything can be said without judgment.

3. You can tell how someone is feeling even when they don’t express those feelings to you.

As a gifted person, you are able to read other people well. You know when someone is struggling and if they’re upset. It is written all over their faces and you sense it.

4. You are deeply affected by the people and world around you.

The world around you and the people in your life affect you drastically. Your energy can either be fed into or drained from you and who you surround yourself with makes that difference. While it might not sound like much, the company you keep changes you.

5. You tend to wake a lot in the middle of the night around the ‘witching hour.’

A lot of the time you find that you wake late at night around the time of the witching hour. This is because you are so connected to the other side. You are vibrating on a frequency other people don’t quite understand.

6. Your intuition is extremely powerful.

Your intuition is almost always right. It warns you when you need to be warned and is always speaking to you. You never waste time ignoring it.

7. You notice a lot of synchronicities.

In your life, there are tons and tons of meaningful coincidences that happen. It might sometimes even feel like they come one right after the other. This is because when you’re using your gift, good things happen.

8. You can almost always spot when someone is lying.

People have a hard time lying to you. You can tell when they’re not telling the truth and are quick to call them out. They know you’re able to read them like an open book.

9. When you’re emotionally charged, things seem to happen.

A lot of the time when you’re emotionally charged odd things happen. You might notice people changing, things being out of place, and so forth. This is because your energies are much more powerful than you realize.

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