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While forever might seem like a very long time, in the grand scheme of things it’s really not. When we think about our lives we tend to also think about who we’re going to spend them with and that for many can be quite confusing. 

If you’re with someone you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with but not sure if they’re going to be able to stick with you through the ups and downs life throws your way then looking for the signs might benefit you. There are signs that indicate someone is willing to go the extra mile that for some reason we tend to overlook and that can seriously damn some of us. If these signs are present in your relationship you’re with someone who isn’t just going to jump ship. Knowing these signs are before you should cast away any doubts you have.

9 Signs You’re With Someone Who Will Stick By Your Side Forever:

1. You feel a deep sense of connection with one another.

When you’re with this person you feel a connection. There is no questioning the magic that there is between the two of you. While it might not be something you can put your finger on, you can’t deny that it is present in every moment.

2. You actually have fun with one another.

You and your partner have a lot of fun together. You don’t dread the moments you spend with one another and always enjoy the things that you do. Whether you’re just making dinner together or going out and having a night on the town, you’re laughing and having a great time.

3. You know you are respected.

Your partner respects you above all else. When you’re with someone if they don’t respect you things will never work. You cannot have any kind of love without a sense of real respect.

4. Communication is not lacking.

You and this person are able to really talk to one another. If someone really cares for you they will be willing to talk about the hard things in life. Just because things are not going as well as you’d both like for them to doesn’t mean you cannot sit down and get through the issue all the same.

5. You don’t feel insecure.

You and this person feel comfortable and secure together. There is no overwhelming jealousy or stressful moments that cannot be worked through. You’re both able to understand how growing together makes everything better.

6. You both put one another first, big time.

You are both on the same page in that you respect and care for one another. You take each other into consideration when decisions need to be made and are growing towards the same direction. Your life together is one you’ve both talked through and agreed on.

7. You can’t get enough of one another.

You love being with your partner. You cannot get enough of each other and are able to find fun in even the smallest things. While you do like time apart the time you spend together isn’t wasted. You’re best friends and partners all the while.

8. You feel free to be yourself.

You can be yourself with this person and so can he or she with you. No one has to change who they are or fake anything. Everything is out in the open and that’s how it should be.

9. You can have personal space without stressing one another out.

You both are free to spend time apart. You have your own friends and your own hobbies. This allows you to remain independent all the while committed to one another. You would be surprised how much this kind of thing will benefit a relationship.