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Spiritual connections are a lot more common than you’d think. The fact is that most of us are just too closed off to truly understand what we are face to face with. We come across people who resonate on the same level as we do sometimes and when that happens our soul will recognize them.

Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might help you to recognize a spiritual connection when you find one. While sometimes we identify them right off the bat, other times it takes a little while for our conscious to make sense of what we are feeling. These signs will help you put things into perspective for yourself big time.

9 Signs You Are In The Presence of Someone You Have A True Spiritual Connection With:

1. This person makes you feel secure.

Someone you have a spiritual connection with will make you feel secure in their presence all the time. You will feel open and free to do and say as you please. You will know that you are safe with this person and that they are safe with you.

2. You feel free to speak your mind to this person.

Someone you have a spiritual connection with will be honest with you always and you will feel free to speak your mind. You will feel as if you can say anything you want to and they will not judge you. This is because you are both on the same page.

3. You would trust this person without second thoughts.

This person is someone you can trust with all that you are. They are the kinds of people you do not have to second guess. You blindly follow them into the dark because you know at the end of the night, they have your back better than most other people.

4. You don’t need words to speak.

With this person, your spiritual connection is so deep that you don’t have to actually speak to one another with words. You understand what the other is trying to say even just by mere eye contact. It’s like you just get each other.

5. You feel like you have known one another for much longer than you have.

When you are spiritually connected to someone you feel like you have known them all of your life. It is as if they are merely reappearing instead of being met for the first time. They are people you instantly connect with.

6. You feel drawn to this person.

You feel drawn to this person from the very beginning. It is as I mentioned above they are reentering your life rather than being met for the first time. You are just unable to avoid them and eventually come crashing into one another.

7. This person is able to calm you down with ease.

This person is able to calm you down at your worst moments. No matter what you are facing they are there for you. These people can see you for who you are and are able to truly understand the things going on within your mind.

8. The conversations you have together get pretty deep.

Time literally flies when you are together. You both get pretty deep in thought when you are around each other. Your conversations tend to turn to the side of things that explain life and all the things of this world. Shallow conversations just aren’t your thing.

9. When this person is around you feel more energetically charged.

This person makes you feel more energized instead of draining you, the two of you feed into one another. You both create energy through being around one another. This is a beautiful thing.