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Being in love is great, and ultimately, it’s what many of us wish for, but there are some relationships that go beyond even that. Some of us have a connection so deep with our partner that it could even be considered to be spiritual.

Some call it a soul mate connection and others may think this to be their twin flame, but the truth is, a spiritual connection can come in many forms.

Ultimately, you will feel it the moment you meet them that they are the person you were meant to be with. But, it’s normal for us to doubt those intuitive feelings, and with that being said, it helps to know the signs.

1. You feel like your authentic self with them.

Instead of posing to be someone that you aren’t, or having to try to be someone that you think you should, then you will feel like your authentic self with them. When you are with someone that makes you feel as though you are your best self, then it’s likely you have a truly spiritual connection.

2. You learn from them and them from you.

While toxic relationships drain us, spiritual ones fulfill us. Spiritual connections allow us to bridge the gap between people, by becoming open-minded to what they have to teach us. Connections like these are quite special.

3. You can be intimate with them in ways that goes beyond the physical.

Instead of feeling like physical love is the only way to forge intimacy with this person, you are able to merely touch them sometimes and instantly feel connected to them. When you can open yourself up with someone and become vulnerable without physical love as the glue that holds it all together, then you are probably in a spiritual connection.

4. He enables you to heal.

Some connections hinder more than help us, but the spiritual connection is much different than that. In fact, there are some people that come into our life, and help us on our journey of healing.

5. They make you smile, and I mean truly smile.

This person will have the ability to take you from complete depression and into the happiest times of your life at the drop of a dime. And the happiness you experience with them is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

6. You don’t know how to express the way you feel about them.

When you try to explain how good they make you feel to others, you simply cannot put it into words. This person makes you feel unlike anything you’ve ever felt before, and there may not even be any words that exist that can properly define what you have.

7. You value each other’s differences.

Instead of forcing one another to be exactly the way you want them to be, you truly love them for the unique person they truly are. You value the way they are, and you accept them for exactly who they are.

8. Life feels easier when they are around.

While not every day and every moment is sunshine and rainbows, they make you feel as though your life is truly better when they are around. In fact, when you are separate from each other, you don’t feel right until you reunite.

9. You have similar minds.

While you won’t be exactly alike, those who are spiritually connected are those that have similar thinking patterns. They may read your mind at times, or say exactly what you were thinking without even realizing it. Regardless, it will seem almost eery how much like you they are.