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While many people think negatively of the word ‘rebel’ to those who are enlightened it is not negative in any way. Rebels are not always ‘criminals’ or reckless at all, instead, they are often just misunderstood and ‘different.’

Now, for those who do not know, enlightenment is basically something that a person may or may not achieve in this life or the next. It is hard to define in a clear-cut way as it can be different to each of us. We become enlightened when we shift consciousness and are able to achieve true awakenedness. It is a very interesting ordeal for all who achieve it.

Enlightened rebels are basically just enlightened people who choose to follow through with the things that they are pulled to rather than forcing themselves to stick back into the status quo. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that you might be one of these powerful people. While some of these signs might not seem like much to the enlightened rebel they are everything.

9 Signs You’re An Enlightened Rebel:

1. You are always working to overcome something.

No matter where life takes you overcoming things is what you focus on. You stop and relax from time to time but you are always working to educate yourself. The hurdles before you are being addressed.

2. You embrace your fears and work through them.

You do not hide away from your fears. You face your fears head-on. You know that working through them is the only way to truly deal with them

3. You have a constant sense of connection.

You know we are all connected and can feel that connection. You are able to see things for what they are and how they are. The oneness that everyone talks about is something you know to be true.

4. You know change is important.

You know how important it is to embrace change. Change is something that cannot be stopped. The more willing we are to face it the more quickly we will be able to overcome any negative changes that ensue.

5. You tend to bring others out of their comfort zones.

You bring other people out of their comfort zones. You make them feel free to be themselves. You are the kind of person to really bring forth a real sense of safety that others need.

6. You are not afraid to be yourself.

You are not afraid to be who you truly are. You know who you are and who you are not. You do not hide behind any kind of mask.

7. You question everything.

You don’t take things as they are, you dig deeper. You question everything and only believe what you know to be true. While this might sound a bit peculiar it is something that sets you apart from most other people.

8. You do not feel the need to label yourself.

You do not label yourself as other people do. You do not need to feed your ego. You are comfortable in your skin and know that words cannot define you.

9. You only do things you truly want to do.

You do not do things others force on you. You do things that fill your heart. If it doesn’t have meaning you will not waste your time with it. You do a lot of good in this world.

Image via Souls of Silver