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While you might not think much of it, the people around you are always telling you how bright you are. Whenever you are around everyone seems to be much more capable of coming out of their shells and questioning things.

In this world, there are lots of different kinds of people the Universe has brought forth to help create positivity. Some of these people were placed here to offer guidance and support while others were meant to really make others question themselves and where they are headed. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that might indicate you are one of those people.

9 Signs You Were Meant To Bring Light Into This World:

1. You feel very connected with the world around you.

You know that we are all connected and because you are more in tune with the energetic world you sense things others cannot. We are all one and you can see that literally. You make people really come together.

2. You feel very powerful within.

You don’t think you are better than other people but you do feel powerful. You can tell that there is something different within you. It’s like the things going on inside of your body are more intense than what others might be feeling. You are able to feel the energies coursing through your veins.

3. You are always working to manifest things.

You are able to manifest things and are constantly doing so. You work towards making things happen in this world. You do not waste any time.

4. You feel like spreading peace is important.

You feel like spreading peace is something we should all try to do. Many people refer to you as a peacemaker and you are always bringing out the best in others. You are a positive mind in this world.

5. You are very patient and caring.

You are patient and caring. You don’t hurt others and you always take their emotions into consideration. You are someone that makes sure everyone is taken care of within reason.

6. You do not like chaos.

You do not do well in chaotic situations. Sure, you can keep your composure but it does tear you apart within. You prefer things that match your energies.

7. You are usually the person others come to when they need balance/advice.

You are someone that other people come too often. You are someone that shares advice with all who ask and are willing to provide the balance that people need. because you can see things from both sides, you are the best kind of person to come to.

8. You are always helping others to succeed.

You are always pushing other people to really put themselves out there. You want everyone to follow their dreams. The more you work toward bringing positivity the better you feel.

9. You care deeply about this world.

You care strongly about the planet. You want to do all you can to help it and the life on it. You are a very useful individual that is always working to make the improvements that need to be made.

Image via Conscious Reminder