The universe is constantly speaking to us whether we realize it or not. While it might seem like the things happening around you are coincidences, that is not always the case.

If you feel a specific type of way or as if something is coming towards you don’t close yourself off from it. Embrace it and really open up to whatever it is the world around you is offering in your direction. While the universe doesn’t speak with words, it does speak nonetheless. 

Below I am going to go over some of the more overlooked but still prominent signs that the universe might be trying to tell you something. Whether it’s merely reminding you where you are or trying to warn you of something slowing down and really allowing its message to sink in can make a big difference in your life. Are you being as aware of your surroundings as you should?

9 Signs The Universe Is Telling You Something:

1. You feel something peculiar in your gut.

When the universe wants you to notice something negative or unsettling it will make your gut really flare-up. You might become quite nervous and be unable to shake that feeling. The more upset your gut gets the more clear it becomes that something needs to change.

2. You sense something bad or negative.

When something bad is happening the universe will make it known. You will begin to feel the negativity as it is beating down on you. The more known the universe wants this to be the worse you will feel without being able to pinpoint ‘why.’

3. You keep seeing the same animals over and over again.

The universe sends animals as messengers quite frequently. If you’re seeing the same animals over and over again you should stop to consider whether or not that animal is sending you a message. For instance, if it seems like you’ve been surrounded by butterflies lately what kind of transformation are you facing?

4. You keep thinking about someone you otherwise wouldn’t be thinking about.

When we are meant to see or speak with someone the universe will press us to do-so. While you might not have talked to someone in years they will pop up in your mind or even notice you as you’re walking down the street. This is the universe building connections that were not meant to die off in the manner that they did.

5. You experience deja vu on a serious level.

Deja vu is the universe’s way of letting us know about things before they happen. While most people ignore this kind of thing, when you’re experiencing things twice you should pay closer attention the second time around. What are you not picking up on that you should have noticed the first time?

6. Your inner voice begins speaking to you.

When we need to be aware of something our inner voice will begin to speak to us. The universe allows our inner voice to say the things that it wouldn’t be capable of doing. For instance, if you’re out and about with someone who has bad intentions, your inner voice will say something, if you’re willing to listen.

7. Good things just keep happening to you.

When we’re moving down the right path in life the universe will reward us. If good things keep happening to you and around you then you should stop to appreciate all of the positivity coming forth. Each good thing that happens is a prize the universe wanted you to have for all you’ve been achieving.

8. You keep noticing synchronicities in your life.

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences and happen more often than most of us tend to notice. You might see repeating numbers or have specific things happen that throw you off. If you’ve ever looked into angel numbers or numerology, you know how important it is to read these repeating numbers.

9. You are questioning things more and more.

The more you need to change the more the universe will press you to question the things around you. Asking yourself if you’re where you want to be and how you should move forth will push you to make changes. While this might feel like it’s something you’re doing on your own, it is always universe driven.

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