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We all have our own biofields. Every living thing has one and it is basically their energy field or aura.

Our biofields can vary, some people have very strong biofields and others well, not so much. These fields have been studied regarding their healing abilities and there are even therapies that revolve around interacting with a person’s biofield in general. Having a strong biofield is important when it comes to moving forward in this world more properly.

Below I am going to go over some signs associated with a strong biofield. If these signs apply to you then you might hold more power than you think. The more you dig into things like this the more you will uncover about yourself.

9 Signs That Your Biofield Is Powerful and Strong:

1. You always open to change.

Those with strong biofields will be much more willing to face change head-on. They know that there is no stopping it and can see things that others cannot. It’s like they can sense the changes to come before they are present.

2. You feel the auras/biofields of others.

Those with strong biofields are able to sense and feel the fields of others as well. They are very much connected to the things around them. When someone is operating on a negative level they can sense it and know to do their best to avoid it. They are some of the best at reading the people before them.

3. You do not often give power to negativity.

Those with strong biofields do not give power to the negative things before them. They know how to close themselves off from them. They work to protect themselves in ways most other people do not and are not capable of.

4. You tend to have lots of energy.

Those with strong biofields tend to be quite the go-getters. They do not sit around acting lazy. They get out there and make sure to get the things done that they need to get done.

5. You are very open-minded.

Those with strong biofields tend to be more open-minded than most other people. They do not ignore the thoughts and ideas that those in their life put before them. They embrace everything and everyone from a proper perspective.

6. You are a positive person.

Those with strong biofields are more positive than the rest of the people in this world. They tend to have a mindset that is all about helping others and getting where they need to be. They do not hold anyone back, period.

7. You make the most out of the situations before you.

Those with strong biofields are some of the most interesting people. They can make the most out of the worst situations and always see the bright side in things. You just cannot bring them down.

8. You are quite the leader.

Those with strong biofields are some of the most leading individuals you will find. They hold their own and are able to get most through just about anything. They do not falter in the face of the unknown.

9. You are physically in good health for the most part.

Those with strong biofields are usually in great health. If your biofield is as it should be your mind and body will benefit. As noted above this field holds lots of healing abilities.

Image via Soul Travel Rules