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While we would all hope that there is someone special who is thinking of us, knowing that for sure really can make us feel great. That being said, when someone has you on their mind, the things that come forth aren’t always as positive as you’d sometimes expect they can be quite confusing or frustrating.

If someone is thinking of you a lot, you’re going to notice some pretty interesting things as your energies mesh with one another. The celestial or energetic world is all around us and if we pay attention to the changes within it, we can really come to terms with those who seem to keep us on their minds. Below I am going to go over some of the signs that the energetic world will present to you that signifies someone is thinking of you, how many of these are you going through right now?

9 Signs Someone Special Has You On Their Mind:

1. Your cheeks are burning.

If you’ve ever heard this one then you know how common it is thought to be. It’s likely your grandparents told you this quite often. When our cheeks are burning without reason, it can be the result of being on someone’s mind.

2. You can feel a physical touch when no one is around.

In the energetic world, a lot of things manifest in interesting ways. If you’re on someone’s mind their touch could present itself before you. How this touch feels can reveal a lot.

3. This certain someone keeps popping up in your dreams.

A lot of people seem to think that if we dream of someone, it is because that someone is thinking of us. While this can vary sometimes, overall it seems to be quite true in my experience. The nature of your dreams can also help reveal how that someone is feeling about you.

4. You’re getting goosebumps for seemingly no reason at all.

When we get goosebumps for no reason it could be the result of something on another person’s mind. Because they are thinking of us the energetic world is working to make that known. These energies are sometimes a lot and so taking them in isn’t easy. This is a physical way they tend to often manifest.

5. Synchronicities keep lining up.

Synchronicities are something we should never overlook. If you’re on someone special’s mind, synchronicities will be present. Pay close attention to those meaningful coincidences, they point to more than most want to admit.

6. You’re dealing with emotional changes that don’t seem to be your own.

In some instances, the emotions others are feeling can become present in us depending on how strong the connection is with the person who is thinking of us. The energetic world can affect us in some mind-blowing ways. This is something we should never forget.

7. You keep thinking of this person out of nowhere, they just pop into your mind.

The more someone thinks of you and the more connected you are the more you too will think of them. They will pop into your mind and from there the universe will work to bring the two of you together. You’d be surprised how hard the universe works in this manner.

8. You keep smiling for no reason.

If someone has positive thoughts about you, it can bring a smile to your face no matter how far away you are. If you suddenly feel like you’re in a much better mood, this could be the reason why. Now, this isn’t always the case but sometimes it can be.

9. Sneezing seems to happen often without any real reason lately.

A lot of people from the past have thought that if you sneeze out of nowhere or if your ears itch someone is thinking of you or talking about you. That still seems to be something we believe in this day and age as well on some levels. It too is energy affecting us, and we should be aware of it.