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As you may be aware there was a solar eclipse not too long ago. It occurred on the 26th of this month and while it is ‘over’ the energies it brought forth are here to stay for a little while.

If you’re feeling a bit out of it and as if you’re not where you need to be, that could partially be why. Sure, there is a lot going on in the celestial world at the moment but this solar eclipse brought forth a lot of uniqueness that we should not be letting go to waste. As the weeks following an eclipse occur lots of things may seem different. 

Below I am going to go over some of the more common signs or symptoms associated with this kind of thing. These are things that you might be noticing in your life as a result of the energetic forces around you. How many are you having to face right now and are they holding you back or helping you grow?

9 Signs That Solar Eclipse Energies Are Present In Your Life:

1. You’re unable to move on from the past and find yourself reflecting a lot.

These kinds of energies leave us reflecting a lot. This is all for the better as once you’ve reflected properly you can let go of the past itself. However, getting stuck in this cycle could leave you holding onto something you should have let go of for much longer than usual. Keep yourself in check.

2. You’re being much more open-minded than you normally would be.

These solar eclipse energies make us a lot more willing to look at things in a new light. Because they bring forth such a sense of renewal they also push us to be more capable of freeing ourselves within. You might find that you’re able to remove yourself from situations now on a deeper level than before.

3. You feel like painful situations keep coming back to haunt you.

There are lots of painful things that keep coming up and you’re forced to revisit them each time. This is the universe making it known that there is some kind of lesson before you that you’re missing out on each time. What are you not listening to and how can you work to better understand it?

4. Sleeping properly is not as easy as it usually would be.

These solar eclipse energies make sleeping a bit more complicated than it usually would be. Rather than dozing off you find that you stay up with more on your mind and if you’re usually someone who has trouble sleeping you might be experiencing the opposite. This will pass but it is something you need to be aware of.

5. New opportunities are presenting themselves before you.

As these energies work in your life they will present you with lots of different things. The path you are on right now doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that leads you where you’re going to end up. Changing course isn’t always a bad thing.

6. You’re a bit scattered in your own mind.

The more present these energies are in your life the more scattered you will become. Because you’re working through things you might have not thought of in years it’s going to be confusing. That having been said, you’ve got everything under control.

7. You feel utterly exhausted.

These energies are not something to joke about. They can be and usually are quite exhausting. There is nothing wrong with grounding yourself out properly and giving yourself a moment of peace when you can.

8. You’ve been needing more space than usual lately.

These energies have made you more reserved. They’ve closed you off so that you could work within and find yourself. The more space you give yourself the more soul-searching you can accomplish.

9. You feel very weighed down overall especially in regards to your life.

Everything you do right now feels so heavy. It’s like the world is being pushed against your shoulders and you’re being forced to hold it up. This is the weight of everything you’ve been holding onto and refusing to let go of finally catching up with you. For far too long you’ve been carrying these things with you all the while being unaware. As we move forth into 2020 letting go of these things is crucial.

While these energies will die down in time, you shouldn’t be so dismissive of them right now. They are here for a reason and if you allow them to work for you, growth is very possible. The universe wants you to experience these things.