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Shamans might not be as spoken about in this day and age, but they are still quite present. While times have changed, there are still healers being born and working to help the people of this planet.

Shamanism, for those who might not know, is an ancient art of healing tradition. It is a way of life that many are born inclined to choose. Shamans are much more connected with nature and all living things in this world. While modernized in many ways shamanism is something a lot of people are drawn to. Anyone can choose to partake in the practice but those who are drawn to it from the very beginning of their existance were meant to be ‘more.’

9 Signs You Were Meant To Be A Modern Day Shaman:

1. You do not fit in with most other people.

Shamans do not often fit in with the people of this world. They are much more energetic than most others. While you might not know you are gifted just yet, you do feel out of place.

2. You feel a deep connection with nature.

Shamans are at one with the world. You can sense the connection within your being and the world around you. All of the energies are clear and you can feel the connection. This is a connection most people are completely unaware of.

3. You tend to have quite vivid dreams.

Shamans are able to receive messages through their dreams. The universe speaks to you in your dreams. They are much more vivid than the dreams of others. Your dreams hold meaning and warn you of things to come. Because the dream world and the spirit world are so deeply connected you are able to truly see things as they are.

4. Your intuition is much stronger than most peoples.

The intuition of shamans is much more intense than the intuition of most people. Your intuition is not a whisper, it is more-so a loud scream or overwhelming feeling. You cannot ignore it no matter how hard you try.

5. You feel the need to help others.

Shamans are always helping people. You feel as though it is your duty to do what you can for the people in your life. You are always there when someone is in need and do not let anyone fall through the cracks.

6. You prefer being solitary.

Shamans are often quite closed off people. Because of the energies and auras of others, you might opt to spend most of your time alone. You see, instead of being able to pick and choose what you absorb, you absorb it all. This can take a serious toll on you if you are not careful. Being alone brings you peace.

7. You notice things most people don’t.

Shamans are able to sense things that other people would not. Chances are you are the kind of person that pays attention to detail. The small things matter a lot to you because you can actually read into their meanings. You do not ignore the signs placed before you.

8. You can read other people with ease.

Shamans are able to see what other people are planning without them saying a word. You can read the intentions of others and are able to see the things going on in their minds. While they may try to lie to you, they will never be successful at it. You are able to sense when something is just not quite right.

9. Your ancestors also had similar experiences.

Shamans tend to come in generations. If your parents or grandparents were the same way you are then there is likely a reason for your gifts. They taught you what they could and now it is up to you to continue things on. That being said, they do not always come in generations.

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