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As a woman, I know that sometimes, I get frustrated with my man because he doesn’t express his feelings through words in the same manner as I do. While I want him to pour his soul out to me verbally, most men just aren’t like that, but honestly, if we pay attention they will show us how they feel.

In fact, there are a number of ways a man will say I love you without ever saying a word. And if you are doubting your man’s feelings towards you, if you watch his actions more than his words, he may be saying it constantly, you just have to know how to understand the signs. So how does a man say he loves you without actually saying it? Keep reading…

1. He makes you a priority.

Instead of constantly blowing you off for others, you are the center of his world. He makes time, even when he is busy to spend time with you. This can be in little ways, but even the smallest efforts can show us quite a bit.

2. He truly listens to you.

While studies show that women listen better than men (cheers to that!), when your man actually listens to the little things you say, you mean something to him. The other day, my husband repeated the exact sentence I said to him three years ago, and I was mindblown.

3. He goes out of his way to make sure you are happy.

From giving you his jacket when you are cold, to turning the television to your favorite program, if your man tries to make sure you are comfortable and happy, he cares about you.

4. He is honest with you.

It may not be what you want to hear, but he tells you the truth. If you need to hear an honest opinion, and you know you can go to him for that honesty, then it’s likely he cares more than he says he does.

5. He is vulnerable to you.

It’s true, men don’t show or express their feelings in the same way as women. But, when a man is able to show his weak side to you, and express feelings of vulnerability, he cares a lot about you. While most men have to hide behind a facade of strength and confidence, the truth is, underneath it all- they are vulnerable just like us.

6. He loves the way you look even at your worst.

Instead of expecting you to always look like a model, if your man loves you when you are wearing your ‘frumpy’ clothes, and have your hair in a cleaning bun, he loves you to your core. And when you can be yourself, without all the cover around your man, you have found someone that will last.

7. He celebrates with you and supports you.

When a man truly loves his partner, he celebrates her successes with her. He doesn’t try to underrate her accomplishments, and he encourages her to keep pushing towards her goals.

8. He sticks up for you.

If a man is constantly your advocate, taking up for you to his friends, family and really anyone, then he loves you. No matter what, he’s got your back, and that is what truly matters.

9. He holds space for you.

We all have bad moments in which we push others away, or simply just aren’t ourselves. However, when a man truly is in love, he understands this, and when you have a moment, he holds space for you until you are yourself again.