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In current times the number of suicides each year is mind-blowing. Globally we have around eight hundred thousand people die year after year which is about one person per roughly forty seconds according to WHO.

Across the world suicide reigns in as the second leading cause of death among those from the ages of fifteen to twenty-nine. That having been said, a lot of the people close to those who do opt to commit suicide do not see it coming. While not all who attempt suicide succeed, these numbers are much higher than they should ever be.

Noticing something is wrong or going on in the lives of others is not as easy as you might think. You could assume that spotting someone struggling with their mental health would be pretty simple, but the truth is, many hide their struggles well. They do not want to burden anyone else, so they lock inside the things they are facing. Just because someone wears a smile on their face does not mean they are without problems.

Below I am going to go over some of the more covert or concealed signs that someone close to you could be going through something and facing suicidal thoughts. While you will see some of these signs clearly as noted above not all of them will be easy to spot. The more detail you keep in mind the more prominent these things will become.

Signs A Friend Or Loved One Is Suffering With Suicidal Thoughts:

1. They are doing all they can for everyone else around them and letting their own needs fall short.

When someone is feeling down and out they will usually still be there for the people closest to them. If someone you know is always working hard and being there for the people he or she loves unconditionally all the while not necessarily taking care of his or herself, issues could be present. When we forget to take care of ourselves we are overwhelmed in more ways than we could ever find words to explain. At this point, we are far too in over our heads and a way out or means of getting back to normal might not seem realistic in our own minds.

2. Suddenly none of their problems bother them anymore.

While this person might have been down in the dumps for a while out of nowhere they are suddenly fine. It is as if a weight has lifted off of their shoulders, and they now feel comfortable. This could be due to the fact that they feel as if they have found a means to ending their struggles which could for some mean a means of committing suicide.

3. They seem to come off as feeling trapped in their lives.

If someone you care about talks as if they are completely unhappy in their own lives and feels trapped, they may be experiencing suicidal thoughts. When we feel trapped sadly our minds wander to some of the worst places when it comes to thinking about ways to get out of that situation and away from that trapped feeling. However, not everyone who feels trapped has suicidal thoughts just the majority.

4. They begin engaging more in ‘risky’ behavior.

The less someone cares about their life the more they will make risky decisions. They might engage in drug use on a serious level or be much more reckless than usual. This is because perhaps they do not care if something goes wrong.

5. They seem to be making preparations for something big.

When someone seems to be getting their affairs in order many of us cannot help but wonder why. While it is great to have things situated, if it’s all happening quite rapidly we can only assume it is for a reason. That reason might not be a very positive one.

6. They suddenly withdraw from friends or hobbies in general.

The more withdrawn someone becomes the more apparent their struggles should become. They are going through something that is causing them to stop doing the things they love and seeing the people they care about. They need you now more than ever.

7. They are having extreme mood swings.

People who suffer from suicidal thoughts tend to struggle with their moods. They go from happy to distraught and back to back. It’s like one minute they feel great and the next those thoughts are creeping in and feeding into the negativity of their minds. There is no winning with this kind of situation.

8. They in many ways ‘let themselves go.’

When someone gets to a certain point with their mental health they may stop caring about their appearance. This is especially alarming in those who go the extra mile to make sure they’re always looking their best. Sure, a pajama day is fine on occasion but if someone is clearly not taking care of his or herself there has to be a reason driving it.

9. They may mention feeling like a burden.

Most people who are thinking about suicide reach out at some point to someone. They mention feeling like a burden and break things down as best they can. It is up to us to listen to them and offer the support we can.