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What comes to mind when you think of a classy person? While some may tend to think about money, class is defined by who you are as a person and the habits you align yourself with.

You do not have to have piles of money or fancy things to be a classy person. Much like anything else, being classy is something that most people can do, with the right mindset and life changes. You cannot be a person of class if you continue participating in the same old classless behaviors. To put things into context, I have listed a few rules that classy people tend to abide by in order to elevate themselves and stand above the rest.

1. They stand by their word.

A person of class will not make a promise they cannot keep. If they give you their word, they will stand by it, no matter what. While no one is perfect, and things do come up, there are always going to be exceptions to the rule. However, when a classy person gives you their word, they will do whatever it takes to stand by it.

2. They have integrity.

In modern times, people of true integrity are becoming rarer and rarer. Many people will present themselves as one thing and completely live their lives on another level. But, classy people set standards for themselves, and they live by them.

3. They have compassion.

Truly classy people are compassionate to other people. It’s easy to just be mean or be callous, so, it takes an entirely different caliber of person to be compassionate and to be kind.

4. They actually listen.

A truly classy person knows how to listen. Even if they don’t really want to they will take the time to hear anyone who needs to talk. They understand deep down that respect includes acknowledging others and taking the time to pay attention when they are speaking.

5. They don’t care about trends.

Many people mistake classy for trendy, and there is a huge difference. Classy people do not run to the store and buy the latest trendy clothes or accessories, because their style is inherent. Instead of focusing on the latest fading style-they tend to have a style that is far more timeless.

6. They do not seek outside validation.

Classy people do not people, please. They do not post every aspect of their life, begging for validation. They know who they are and what they are, and they do not need someone else to validate that.

7. They do not participate in petty arguments.

A classy person will not make time for petty arguments. Instead of arguing with someone, they will either try to find common ground, or will just walk away.

8. They don’t play the comparison game.

Classy people don’t care to compare themselves to others. They know who they are, and they know that each of us is following our own unique path. And they have a confidence that is unshakeable.

9. They align themselves with good people.

Classy people do not spend time with people who drag them down. They know that we are a reflection of the company that we keep, and because of that, they are picky about the people they choose to be around. That isn’t because they are snooty or anything like that-they just don’t care to gamble with toxicity.