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In life, the vast majority of us will set out to find love. Unfortunately, not all of our attempts are going to work out in our favor, and in some cases, people end up in unhappy relationships.

While all couples have their problems, there are some that go beyond just basic relationship obstacles. In some cases, couples may have so many unresolved issues and differences, that the relationship becomes unhappy overall. When this happens, the two parties who are in the relationship are faced with a difficult decision: do they stay and try to work it out, or do they let go and move on? Ultimately, that choice is yours.

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Here are 9 red flags that indicate an unhappy relationship.

1. You stop sharing with each other.

You no longer feel like rushing to tell your partner about your day. Where there were once conversations about what makes you both tick, now there is silence. When you start to think about it- you begin to wonder if you know each other anymore at all.

2. You are both defensive.

When it comes to talking, any time you try to have a discussion, you both immediately put up your defenses. There is no common ground, and every conversation feels like a personal attack.

3. You are no longer fighting for the relationship, but instead, are fighting to be right.

If you still fight, you aren’t fighting because you want to make the relationship work, you are fighting to prove you are right. No arguments ever get resolved, because neither of you cares to resolve the fight, you just want to have your way.

4. You fantasize about what it would be like if you were apart.

You spend a lot of time fantasizing about what it would be like if you broke up. These fantasies may have started off lightly, but now, being apart sounds much better than being together.

5. You feel alone, even when you are together.

When the two of you are together, you do not feel like anyone is in your presence. The room could be silent for hours, as the two of you sit there, playing on your phones and doing your own thing. Of course, it’s normal to have time to yourself, but if all of your time feels like alone time, you have a huge problem.

6. You no longer argue.

While most believe that arguing is a sign of an unhealthy relationship, it’s actually a sign of a healthy and normal relationship, if the arguments are productive. What is worrying is when you completely stop trying to make it work and just give up.

7. You stop having sex.

Sex may not be everything, but sex is most certainly necessary. If two people are together, and they are capable of having sex but are so distant from one another that sex is no longer on the table, it’s a major indicator that things have gone awry.

8. You are living in the past.

No matter how many times the two of you ‘resolve’ an argument, things never get resolved. On the contrary, you often find that you have the same fights over and over again because you cannot let go of the past.

9. You hold your partner in contempt.

There is a major difference between having issues with each other and holding one another in contempt. When you begin to loathe your partner, rather than love them, it isn’t likely that this relationship is going to last, unless you take action now.

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