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We all want to connect with our twin flame on a real level so that we can be together but that’s not always ideal. In this world, we go through a lot, and we must get to where we need to be for our journey with our twin to further properly.

If your soul is not ready, being with your twin on a romantic level is not going to work. You and your twin both have to be ready for the situation before you and willing to really meet one another halfway. This is not something that is easy in any sense of the word.

While twin flame connections are powerful and amazing, they are confusing and hard to dive into properly as well. You will find that the harder you push yourself to be perfect and turn into the person you think your twin wants or needs, the more they will end up running from you. This dynamic overall is a hard one to get right, that we all have to accept at some point in life.

All of this having been said, there are reasons as to why things do not or are not working. If you want to make things work with your twin first you need to work on yourself. Learn whether your soul is the one holding things back and make the changes you need to make so that you can move forth properly.

9 Reasons Why Your Soul Is Not Ready To Connect With Your Twin Flame Properly:

1. You’re still repaying karmic debts.

We all have karmic debts to work through on some level and while some people have more than others, working through them is important. This kind of thing is not something you can ignore. If you ignore it, it will impact all areas of your life.

2. You’re dealing with a soul block.

If you’re going through a soul block it’s going to hold you back from your twin in enormous ways. This meaning that you can’t really resonate with your twin properly. Working through this in itself is not an easy feat but it is something that will help you grow tremendously.

3. You’re torn between twin flame and soulmate.

Sometimes we find both our soulmate and our twin flame in the same life and choosing between the two is not easy. One is much more unstable than the other and while in the end, you will choose what is right for you in this life, you may go back and forth for a bit. I know this is not an easy decision but if you do not link up with your twin in this life, you will in another.

4. Rather than fixing yourself, you want someone else to fix you.

Some of us move through life wanting other people to fix us and that’s not something you can ask of your twin flame. If you do not work on yourself before you dive into this kind of relationship, you’re going to run your twin off. Your twin will see in you the worst things in themselves if you’re not where you need to be and that will create a cycle you do not want any part in.

5. You’re holding serious grudges in life.

As we move through life letting go of the grudges we’re holding is important. Sure, being mad in the moment is fine but you can’t just refuse to let go of the things you’re facing at all. This will really take a toll on you in more ways than you could ever imagine.

6. You do not yet know your worth.

Finding your worth is important, the more you know your worth the more prepared for a real relationship you will be. In this world, unless you know your worth people will take advantage of you, and that we all need to be aware of. While your twin might mean well unless you know your worth you won’t be as clear with your limits.

7. You keep comparing yourself and the situation before you to the ones others are facing.

You are not the same as everyone else. We are all going through our own things. Comparing yourself to other people will get you nowhere.

8. You are not seeing your twin properly.

Sometimes in life, we do not see our twin flames properly. This is not always something we can help but it does hold us back. On a soul level, you have to get to know yourself before you really get to know your twin because you two are one and the same.

9. Your expectations are too high.

If you hold expectations for your twin flame that are too high, you will be disappointed. Being with your twin will not be easy and you have to be willing to spend time really getting to know one another. While you will feel familiar, you will also hold conflicting traits that can truly complicate things.