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As a woman who is 33 years of age and who does not have kids, it took me a long time to get to a peaceful place with that decision. For years, the decision was out of my hands (I thought) but eventually, I realized that it just wasn’t meant to be.

Throughout this time, I have gone back and forth for at least a while. I would become discouraged and feel like I just wasn’t living out my potential, because as a human, I should have kids, right? Well, at the end of the day, just because society expects us to have children does not mean that we should. There are several reasons why it’s not a big deal with choosing to not have kids. So, stow away the opinions of others and read on.

1. Kids are expensive.

If you choose to go without having kids, you save money. On groceries, schooling, clothing, on doctor’s visits, and every other thing you’d spend money on if you chose to have kids.

2. Some people would prefer to focus on careers, and that is okay too.

It can be hard to balance a career and kids, so choosing to focus on your career does not make you a bad person. Many people choose this route.

3. You can do what you want.

When you have a child, you can’t just up and move when you want. You can’t just up and go on vacation. You can’t just break it off with your spouse and most of your decisions will involve planning around your kids. If you are childless, this isn’t a problem.

4. You will get better sleep.

According to Psych Central, most people understand that by having kids, they are going to sleep less. However, you don’t realize how much sleep is until it’s already too late. Parents get to sleep when their kids do, but that is taking into account the fact that some children struggle with this, and then there is the issue of ‘me time’ when the kids are asleep.

5. Less exposure to germs.

Children get exposed to and carry a lot of germs. Due to this, people with kids are far more likely to be exposed to germs and sickness.

6. More sexy time with your spouse.

Being a parent is a busy job. Think about getting your kids ready in the morning, getting them to school, going to work, coming home, fixing snacks, fixing dinner, helping with homework, and then it’s time to get ready for bed. By the time bedtime makes it around, you are exhausted and far too exhausted for sex. If you don’t have kids you have far more energy for sexy time.

7. Less stress.

Kids are stressed because their entire life depends on them. You will be afraid to make the wrong choice, to do the wrong thing. Even when you get it right, it doesn’t feel like it. Ultimately, parenting is pretty much nearly constant stress.

8. More alone time.

What finally made me realize that it was a good thing that I do not have kids is realizing and accepting that I am a person who thrives in alone time. I require it and lots of it. You just don’t get that with kids.

9. Your relationship may be healthier.

Most people assume that having kids will improve your relationship, but that isn’t always the case. At the end of the day, having kids is a stressful endeavor, so it’s very likely having a child to improve your situation will likely do the opposite because more stress only will make things harder. Now, that isn’t to say that kids always make things harder, it’s more so to say that kids won’t make an unhappy relationship happier.