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Sure, you might not feel like you have enough time but making time that can be spent with the person who gave birth to you might be more beneficial to you than you’d think. If you and your Mother have a good relationship, spending at least a few days each year being alone together should come naturally one way or another.

When it comes to taking vacations you might not jump into considering whether or not you should take your mom but when you really think about it, there is no better person to travel with. Below I am going to go over some of the best reasons why taking a trip with mom each year is something you should consider. Make this a tradition and never skip out.

9 Reasons Why Taking A Trip With Your Mother Every Year Is A Great Idea:

1. It allows you one on one time to really catch up.

While you might not get a lot of time to see one another going on a trip together gives you all the time you need to get caught up on things and life. You can talk about anything and everything you want to. This really takes a lot of the pressure off of the two of you and allows you to relax properly.

2. You already know what to expect from them as a travel companion.

You don’t have to worry about them stealing your things or leaving you stranded. You know your mom is going to look out for you and be there even if something goes wrong. She’s the person who has been there for you since day one.

3. You can look back on these memories for years to come.

You will be able to look back on these memories when life has finally caught up with you. If anything bad happens in the future these memories will help you get through it. You will be able to keep one another on your minds.

4. You get to experience new things together.

We all love experiencing new things within reason. Being with your mom and experiencing new things with her will give you the confidence you need to really get out there and allow both of you to grow. There is no better feeling than growing with someone so important in your life.

5. Neither of you will live forever.

No one on this planet is going to live forever. Whether you die first or she does, these memories will be all you have. Don’t be the person looking back wishing you had spent more time with her, do it while you can.

6. She will constantly be looking out for you.

Your Mother is always going to be looking out for you. If you mention being hungry she is going to stop for food and if you say you’re tired she doesn’t mind taking a break. She will always be there by your side with your best interest in mind.

7. It’s a great gift.

Our moms sacrifice a lot for us throughout the years, taking her on a trip might be a small thing but it is huge in her mind. This kind of thing is a great gift, and she will appreciate it big time. Mothers love spending quality time with their kids.

8. She won’t judge you for wanting to take thousands of photos.

Your mother doesn’t mind taking a million pictures of you so that you can get the right one and chances are nothing is going to really bug her since she already knows you and how you are. While friends might get irritated, your mother isn’t going to. She is just happy to be spending time with you especially now that you have your own life to live.

9. It allows you to get to know one another on a deeper level.

The more time you spend with your mother as an adult the more you will get to know her. As kids, we don’t pay as close attention as we should to her and the older you get the more she will open up. Perhaps you should try sitting down and having a nice long conversation, you’d be surprised at what you learn about her.