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When a relationship reaches its end, it is a very difficult thing to encounter. No one wants to let go of their partner, but there are times when there is no other option.

When you do decide to cut your losses, or your relationship comes to an end for any other reason, the last thing you likely want is to dream about your ex. But, it does happen. Of course, there are a number of reasons for this, both psychological and spiritual. The reason for your situation will be personal to you, so trust in your instincts as you read over this list or touch base with a relationship psychic who can also help you to take a deep dive into your own personal situation. Here are 9 reasons why people dream about their exes.

1. You miss how you felt in your life at that time.

While you may have had a rocky relationship, your life during the course of the relationship wasn’t that bad. It might be that you had a different career that you were happy and successful in. Or, perhaps things were just going your way, in spite of how bad the relationship was. So, your mind is connecting those bits of happiness to your ex and causing them to resurface in the dream.

2. You have unfinished business with them ( a lack of closure.)

If a relationship ends abruptly, much like losing someone to death, it can leave you feeling like there is unfinished business. Our minds do not like a lack of closure, so we seek it by reliving the relationship in our dreams.

3. You miss the friendship.

While your partner may not have been a great boyfriend or girlfriend, perhaps they were a great friend. Unfortunately, while you can’t go back to being friends in most cases, you may still wish you could. So, during your dreams, you revisit the good times.

4. You are on their mind.

In some cases, because we are all spiritually connected to one another, it’s quite normal to dream about an ex because they are thinking about you. When you are on someone’s mind, it puts them on your wavelength and vice versa.

5. You have PTSD.

If you had an abusive partner, who was emotionally or physically abusive, you can be left with scars. Unfortunately, this can also cause flashbacks, nightmares, and strange dreams about the person.

6. You are still angry at them.

If you still haven’t resolved your feelings for this person, you will continue to dream about them. While unresolved love or other forms of closure are typical, being angry or upset at your partner can cause them to resurface in your dreams, too.

7. They made you feel more secure.

If you are feeling shaky and insecure in life, and your ex made you feel stable and secure, you may end up dreaming about them. While this can be misleading, making you feel like you miss them or need them, it’s more so a feeling they made you feel than their actual presence.

8. You are lonely.

During times of loneliness, our minds can be our own worst enemy. One of the ways that happen is that loneliness can cause us to miss people that we shouldn’t miss, or people that are a part of our past lives. Remember, your ex is your ex for a reason.

9. A conflict is resurfacing that is similar to one that surfaced during your time together.

If you are going through a similar struggle in your life as what you were during the time you were with your partner, it can cause you to dream of them. For example, let’s say you lost a close family member while you were with your ex, and now you’ve lost another. This triggers you to dream of your ex, which makes you question whether you should be with them or not. While this is normal, it’s likely best to leave the past in the past.