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When it comes to love far too often we give in to our toxic traits and allow our insecure sides to control things. This can and will be the end of things if you do not get it under control.

While not everyone takes the time to consider what goes into making a healthy relationship, it is something we should all be doing. There are tons of things we can work towards that will help enhance the connection we have with the people who matter the most to us. Below I am going to go over some of the things that can and will ruin your relationship before it’s even gotten started well.

These things are all avoidable and things that can be worked through if you’re willing to put forth the right efforts. Just because you like someone or think you love someone doesn’t mean you’re going to be together forever. You both have to put the right efforts forth to make things work.

9 Reasons Why Relationships Are Sometimes Doomed From The Start:

1. You are not happy with each other overall.

If you’re not happy right at the beginning how do you expect to be happy a year from now? If you’re already bringing one another down cutting ties is your best option. Why waste anyone’s time?

2. Communication is lacking big time.

If you’re not able to communicate with one another properly things will never work. You need to both be able to sit down and talk out the issues that come up. Life is full of ups and downs if you can’t really talk to one another there is no point in being together.

3. There is a lack of mutual respect.

If you and your partner do not respect each other both of you are going to be unhappy. There needs to be a mutual respect present above all else. The lack of this respect is a clear red flag that you shouldn’t even be trying at all with this connection as a whole.

4. Your emotions (or both party’s emotions) are being dismissed.

If you or your partner feel as though your emotions are being dismissed things will go south quickly. We all want to feel heard and when you’re being dismissed you’re not being heard. You’re going to find that arguments come up far too often and once all is said and done things will end painfully. You can’t expect things to just be fine even if someone is truly hurting inside over a situation.

5. One person is just using the other.

When you find yourself with someone who is just using you, that can lead to a real quick relationship ending. You don’t want to give these kinds of people any sense of power over you. Letting them go might hurt but it is the best thing for you, period.

6. You’re both headed in different directions.

If you and your partner are both facing different directions and heading towards different things unless one of you changes your goals things will not work. You should never ask someone to give up their dreams for you and because of this, relationships like this are often quite shortlived. Sure, they are great for a little while but once reality catches up to you, an ending is inevitable.

7. Your connection is mostly in regards to physical attraction and nothing else.

If you and your partner are only into one another on a physical level things will NEVER work. You will be able to last for a little while but eventually, you will both get bored. You don’t have anything in common and can’t be bothered to even spend much time alone with one another outside of intimate acts. Does that even sound like a relationship you’d want to make last?

8. Boundaries and personal space are not existent between the two of you.

Personal space and boundaries are things that should not be compromised on. If you and your partner are smothering one another eventually someone is going to want some space. This will create lots of problems because it is something ‘new.’ From here if trust isn’t abundant issues will stem and devour the relationship as a whole.

9. Someone doesn’t want to fully commit.

If your partner doesn’t want to completely commit to you there is no sense in wasting your time. This is no real relationship to begin with. You deserve better and should pursue better, above all else.