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When it comes to dating, there are some people you can date, have fun with and enjoy, and there are people that are potentially long-term partners. For men, a requirement for most long-term relationships is emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to control your emotions, manage them, and be aware of your emotions and others. So, it’s no surprise why emotional intelligence is an attractive quality for the long term. With that being said, though, it does go deeper than that. Here are 9 reasons why men prefer emotionally intelligent women for long-term relationships.

1. They don’t play games.

Emotionally intelligent women do not play games. They are clear on what they want and clear in their expectations. They do as they say they will and stand by their word, so there aren’t a million guessing games.

2. They are empathetic.

Emotionally intelligent women possess great empathy. An emotionally intelligent woman can see things from her partner’s perspective and understand how he is feeling. Additionally, she is considerate.

3. They compromise.

Compromise is so important in a long-term relationship. Struggles and disagreements happen, which is why being able to compromise is a must.

4. They are mature.

Emotionally intelligent women are emotionally mature. She is not needy, clingy, or avoidant. Instead, she is understanding and can see the world in a way that an emotionally immature woman cannot.

5. They are open-minded.

Emotionally intelligent women know that their perspective is not the only perspective. She knows that at times, there is more for her to learn and understand. So, she keeps an open mind.

6. They are excellent communicators.

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out what your partner is thinking because they cannot communicate. This is yet another reason why men love emotionally intelligent women, they are excellent communicators. Instead of trying to figure out what they want-they will tell you, and even if they don’t, just ask.

7. They have boundaries.

Emotionally intelligent women know how to set boundaries. Instead of saying yes, even when they don’t want to, they say no when it’s necessary.

8. They are positive.

While she knows the world is not all sunshine and rainbows, an emotionally intelligent woman knows there is no sense in dwelling on negativity. Instead, she chooses to keep her mind open to positivity.

9, They are self-aware.

A major part of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. Emotionally intelligent women know their strengths and weaknesses and see themselves for who they are. When they make a mistake or have a difficult emotion-they own it.