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Sure, we all think our first love is going to be magical but usually, it doesn’t turn out that way. Our first love tends to make us not want to even try looking for a second one and not in a good way.

Sometimes people get lucky and their first love turns out to be the one they stick with but a lot of the time the person you think is meant to be with you forever turns out to be someone that breaks you down in the end. While after this you may feel like giving up on the idea of finding real love you should see the first as a lesson and grow from it. The second love you find is usually one well worth experiencing.

Testing the waters might be painful and it might be terrifying but it really brings you to a place that turns you into the person you need to be. Just because your first love sucked doesn’t mean your next one will. Below I am going to go over some of the reasons why your second love is usually well worth getting into. Don’t close yourself off from this kind of connection, you deserve all the fairytales and magic.

9 Reasons Why Falling In Love A Second Time Is Worth It (Better Than Your First Love):

1. You will finally find a sense of safety.

When you find a second love it feels much safer than the first one did. You see, when the first one comes crashing down you feel like safety is not possible. You feel like that comfort you found in this person won’t be found again but when you realize you were wrong, you become so much happier.

2. You become stronger when you move on from your first love.

When you move on from your first love and find your second one you are able to heal within. The pain from that first love left a wound that you’ve been working on for a while. Sure, being in a relationship is not the only answer and you can be perfectly happy single but when you find that second love a sense of strength develops within.

3. You have a better appreciation for the good times and small things.

When you go through a bad break up you learn to appreciate the good times and the small things so much more. They become important out of nowhere and really matter. This is because you finally see things for how they truly are.

4. You are a wiser person overall.

As we grow from our pasts we become much wiser. Moving on from that breakup will teach you so much. You will learn far more than you would have if you had stuck around and waited for the toxicity to play out.

5. The bond you have with your second love will be a deeper one.

The bond you end up having with your second love will be far deeper than the bond you had with your first. Sure, you won’t ever truly forget your first love but the way you feel about him or her will change. Things will never be the same.

6. You have a better idea of what you want.

When you are finally moving on, you learn what you really want in a relationship. You develop the proper boundaries in your personal life and they help you in many ways. This is important.

7. You are more mature emotionally.

When we have been through losing a love we become emotionally mature in many ways. While some people need a few tries before they get things right they still grow each time. Emotional maturity is something that not everyone picks up on quickly.

8. You already know what not to let happen.

When you’ve gone through the loss of your first love you know what not to put up with. You know where to draw the lines and what not to let happen. You have learned more from that person than you think.

9. You are a better version of yourself now.

Moving on makes you a better person than you were. Being willing to do what is best for you is important and it makes you a better version of yourself. Whether you can see it or not, it is the truth.