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While it might not be here just yet 2019 is well on its way. There are lots of energies coming forth and each of us will be learning something new as the months pass by.

There will be quite a few cosmic events in 2019. Some will be a bit unimportant but the rest will be true celestial marvels. Knowing which ones will be influencing us the most intensely will help each of us to move through the days of the year as progressively as possible.

Below I am going to go over some of the most powerful events to come and what they could end up meaning for us. While you might already be aware of some of them the rest could be quite unexpected. Allow these energies to work in your life and remember to always be as grounded as possible.

Powerful Cosmic Events of 2019:

(January 3rd-4th) Quadrantids Meteor Shower

Meteor showers are a chance for us to see shooting stars but also so much more. They bring forth mystery and comfort at the same time. While many do not pay attention to the spiritual side of these events they should. Through this, you can really work to understand yourself on a deeper level. During 2019 there will be quite a few meteor showers but as this one is the very first I felt it was well worth mentioning.

(January 6th) Partial Solar Eclipse

This eclipse will occur on the 5th and 6th depending on where you are in the world. It will be strongly associated with the new moon and fall in Capricorn. During this time you should expect to put in a lot of hard work but also figure out what you need. You will be able to finally get your thoughts organized.

(January 21st) Full Super Blood Moon

This full moon is special as it will be not only a super moon but also a blood moon. For those who do not know that means there will be a TSE on the same night. This kind of thing is like any other full moon but much more intense. You should be using the energies before you as they will be quite abundant.

(March 6th) Uranus Enters Taurus

Once Uranus enters Taurus on this day it will remain there until July 7th of 2025 or so. Yes, that is an extremely long amount of time. These energies will be a bit unique as they will have everyone’s personal energies skyrocketing. Uranus is a very interesting energy on its own but when partnered with Taurus major changes come forth.

(July 2nd) Total Solar Eclipse

Whether you can see this one or not depends on where you are in the world but either way you will be affected by its energies. These kinds of things are very significant on a spiritual level. They can bring forth a lot of confusion and depending on your personal energies negative or positive effects.

(July 31st) Lunar Eclipse

This event will be interesting for a number of reasons and really bring forth chance. They force us towards the right path even when we cannot see it. During this time you might note a serious upheaval but not without reason.

(September 23rd) September Equinox

The September or Autumn equinox marks the new season and brings forth the harvest. During this time you will feel a sense of renewal and really cycle through gaining more energies. You will be more focused and one with the world around you.

(December 15th) Jupiter Trine Uranus

This will bring forth lots of luck and excitement. Don’t be afraid to take risks during this time and really push for success. You will be gaining a sense of freedom you have never felt before.

(December 26th) Annular Solar Eclipse

This is what we call the situation that occurs when the moon covers the sun’s center thus leaving nothing but a ‘ring of fire.’ It is quite the interesting event and brings forth the same energies a solar eclipse would but much more intensely. This is much stronger than any other solar eclipse energetically, by far.

This whole year is going to be very peculiar but not in a bad way. We will also have Mercury going retrograde several times and turning things upside down. As noted above please do your best to remain grounded during this time. While it could be a bumpy ride it is one you cannot avoid.