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We often think of kids’ shows as being pure entertainment. However, as it turns out, if you pay attention, a lot of them have some solid life lessons that even parents can take to heart.

When I heard that there was a kid show starring a Blue Heeler, I was intrigued. We have a family dog who is a Heeler and she is an amazing little pup. So, what better way to celebrate her and enjoy some moments with my daughter than to pop the show on and watch it? Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be genuinely wholesome and packed full of lessons.

1. Always be prepared.

The episode Pool taught us that you must be prepared. Especially as a parent, having everything you need (like snacks and sunscreen) can make all the difference in the world.

2. Kids learn what you model.

Our kids watch us more than they listen. They are like little sponges. The episode Queens hit the nail on the head!

3. Let them fail.

As hard as it may be, sometimes, you need to let your kids fail. In the episode Bike, Bandit learned very well that hard-earned success is worth every moment of strife.

4. Children have a rich inner life.

We often forget that our kids have a lot going on. One major theme throughout Bluey is centered around the inner life of children.

5. Let them process things their way.

As parents, we often push our way onto our kids. However, your kids have their way of doing things too. In Copycat, Bluey has to deal with death, and while his mom may have wanted to shield him from it, she instead allows her child to process the pain how he needs to.

6. Different kids need different care.

While Bluey has a sister Bingo, they vary quite a lot. No matter how much your kids may have in common, they are not the same and have unique needs.

7. Parents can apologize.

Everyone makes mistakes, and that is fine. But, just like we expect kids to own their mistakes, Bluey points out that we need to as well.

8. Parents need to play too.

Just because we are grown does not mean we can’t or don’t need fun too.

9. No parent is an island.

One of the best episodes is Tackle Crabs. In it, Bandit and Chili find out that when you support and love your partner, you can do anything.