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When you think of an intelligent person, what traits come to mind? While most would think of the common stereotypical signs, there are some signs and traits of intelligence that most would overlook.

Many signs of intelligence aren’t noticed, because they are not what most of us envision when it comes to intelligence. However, the thing is- intelligence comes in many forms. As the end of the day, there is a lot of depth surrounding genuine intelligence. Below, I will cover some of the underestimated signs of authentic intelligence.

1. High levels of empathy.

When we think of intelligence, we don’t always associate empathy with intelligence, we should. While almost anyone can at least recognize their own emotions, it takes a deeper level of understanding to understand and feel the emotions of others.

2. Valuing alone time.

According to a 2016 study, people who tend to spend more time alone versus more time socializing have higher IQ levels. Researchers believe this may be tied to our evolutionary needs from times past.

3. Staying up late.

Did you know that staying up late is a sign of high intelligence? Research has shown that people who tend to stay up later in the night are also more likely to be of high intelligence.

4. Having a dark sense of humor.

If you find yourself laughing at jokes that make everyone a little uncomfortable, you aren’t alone. Research from the University of Vienna has shown that people who laugh at dark humor also tend to rank higher on verbal and nonverbal intelligence.

5. Overanalyzing things.

Being intelligent has its drawbacks. One of those is worrying caused by overthinking. When you have a brilliant mind, that also means that you are aware of everything that could go wrong, which can be a bit anxiety-inducing.

6. Curiosity.

One of the highest predetermining factors for intelligence is curiosity. Why? Because you have to have the desire to seek out knowledge to find it.

7. Physical laziness.

This one honestly shocked me. Research from Florida Gulf Coast University discovered that people who had higher IQs seemed to be able to entertain themselves more during times of boredom, which equated to them taking part in less activity.

8. Past use of illegal drugs.

Sometimes intelligent people do less than intelligent things. In a massive data analysis, researchers found that people with higher IQs tend to struggle more with drug and alcohol misuse.

9. Emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is our ability to understand and manage our emotions. While this is not something most would equate with intelligence, it most certainly is an aspect of higher intelligence.

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