When it comes to dating we all like to do things our own ways but are you trying at all? If you want love, it’s going to come out of nowhere and smack you in the face that’s just not how this kind of thing works.

There is nothing wrong with being single and enjoying your time while being single but if love is what you want the most you need to be willing to take matters into your own hands. Chances are even if you think you’re trying really hard, you could be making some of these common mistakes and thus really holding yourself back. Making small changes could really broaden your horizons in ways you might have never imagined.

9 Mistakes That Could Be Preventing You From Finding Love:

1. You cancel dates because you get ‘too nervous.’

When we cancel dates we close ourselves off entirely. The more you cancel with someone the less interested they’re going to be in being with you. If you want to find love you have to be willing to get out there and experience things.

2. You try to move way too fast and scare people off.

When it comes to first dates or perhaps even the first few dates just try to get to know the person, don’t jump straight into asking them about where they’re going to be five years from now. Sure, there is nothing wrong with asking reasonably personal questions but know your limits. If you wouldn’t want to answer something don’t ask someone anything similar. You should be able to read the way a person reacts to the questions you’re asking.

3. You’re way too picky and always closing yourself off.

We are all picky in our own ways but there are some things we need to get over. For instance, if someone is perfect for you except for the fact that you hate that he likes to wear crocs sometimes, you might want to just get over your hatred for crocs. Don’t miss out on something amazing for such a small issue.

4. You’re letting everyone else make your romantic decisions for you.

If you’re not going out or looking for people to be with on your own you’re not going to find anyone that you’re very interested in. Your friends might be able to set you up from time to time but chances are they’re not going to be able to find someone as well as you could on your own. You know what you want, they don’t.

5. You don’t know how to let go of past relationships.

Letting go of past relationships is crucial for making room for new love. If you’re stuck in the past and still hung up on an ex things with someone new will never work. You have to work through this kind of thing before trying to find someone to love.

6. You aren’t willing to make the first move.

Sometimes we have to make the first move and there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re not willing to make the first move you’re living in ‘lalaland’ and you need to come down to Earth. Sometimes people don’t realize we’re interested in them, they’re not all mind-readers.

7. You spend all your time at home.

Sure, there is nothing wrong with being a homebody but guess what? There are no new people in your home for you to try to connect with. If you want to find someone, put yourself out there.

8. You’re letting things progress too far too quickly.

If you jump into having intercourse on the first date or letting things turn into something overnight you might not be able to form a relationship with this person. Everyone reacts to this kind of thing in their own ways and it’s important to note that some people have bad intentions. Some people go on dates just to get in other people’s pants and ghost them. You’re putting yourself at risk of this if you are willing to go the extra mile on the first date.

9. You refuse to express yourself properly.

If you’re unable to express your emotions and really show the person you’re trying to date who you are they might find you to be quite boring. When it comes to dating we all want someone who can knock us off our feet. You need to be able to express yourself above all else.

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