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While we hear a lot of things about rainbow children, crystal children, and indigo children most people do not realize that a lot of those who make up these groups are not children at all. To be honest indigo adults are far more abundant than you’d think.

An indigo is someone who was placed in this world for a specific reason. Indigo children have special psychological and spiritual attributes. They are the beginning of a new kind of ‘human’ that most do not truly understand. While not as warrior-like in nature as their crystal cousin this kind of person is a force to be reckoned with and works to make the world we live in a better place.

Indigo’s have been arriving here on this planet for many years and so you could be one without realizing it. Below I am going to go over some of the traits all indigos hold. If these apply to you, you may very well be an indigo. Once you’ve looked over this perhaps taking a closer look and doing your own research could help you better get to know yourself.

9 Things All Adult Indigo’s Have In Common:

1. You cannot stand to see others in pain.

You are not the kind to stand behind and let other people go without. If you can help someone you are more than willing to do so. You do not like to see other people in pain or in need of anything. It really touches you on a deeper level than it does most others.

2. You know your worth.

You know your worth and you know who you are. You do not let other people walk all over you. The more people try to tear you down the higher up you build yourself. You are stronger than most people could ever dream of being.

3. You feel like you deserve to be here.

You know that you are here on this planet for a reason. You feel very deserving and don’t understand why other people do not feel the way that you do. It’s like you hold yourself in a different manner than the people around you. You know that the things you will do in this life will make a difference in the future.

4. You are very creative and inventive/a good problem solver.

You are always coming up with new ways to get things done. You are one of the most interesting and creative people around. The more you push yourself the more you are capable of. When something needs to be done you get it done in the most efficient and unique way possible.

5. You feel compelled to find your purpose.

You feel like you really need to figure out why you are here. You know you have a purpose whether you can see it just yet or not. The more you dig the more you find and everything has been falling into place quite fast.

6. You cannot be guilt-tripped into anything.

You are not the kind of person to react to guilt based tactics. You do not do things because you feel guilty or because people want to make you feel like you have to do them. You do things that need to be done and are not the kind to compromise your own values. If you don’t think something is necessary it won’t happen whether someone pushes you to do it or not.

7. You always ask ‘why.’

You always question things and are constantly asking ‘why.’ You are not the kind of person to accept things as they are. You do not jump into things without thinking them through.

8. You have a very deep spiritual calling.

You are a very spiritual person. You listen to the voice inside of your heart and are always looking for more. You are guided in a different manner than most others and they do not understand you. You are much more connected with the universe than you realize.

9. You keep your circle small.

You are not the kind of person to have a lot of friends. You keep your circle small and do not allow people around you that are not on your level. You surround yourself with people who will help you grow.