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Hummingbirds are beautiful and most people truly enjoy watching them; however, not many people know how magical they are. These little creatures represent the miracle that is life in so many different ways.

Hummingbirds have a very long history when it comes to symbolism and are thought to be healers by many. They bring forth love, luck, and so much more to those whose paths they cross with and while tiny hold great power. If you happen to feel like hummingbirds are drawn to you, it could be for a very real reason.

That being said, without looking into that aspect of things they are truly some of the most special animals on this planet. Their unique colors and thin beaks make them look as though they do not belong on this planet. They are unlike any other bird and if captured at the right moment photographs of them can be full of life.

I recently came across some photographs that were taken by a truly talented photographer named Christian Spencer. Spencer managed to capture some amazing hummingbird photographs that are well worth checking out. For those who do not know who Spencer is, he is the master behind the film called The Dance Of Time and that too is well worth taking the time to enjoy. 

Spencer’s series of photographs of these rainbow hummingbirds is known as ‘Winged Prism’ and shows just how beautiful these creatures are. While you might not be able to see this in the moment when facing these birds but on camera, their secret is quite clear, especially through Spencer’s lense. Take a peek below at the photos Spencer was able to capture and be amazed! Aren’t they a treat?

All photos used with permission from the artist, ©Christian Spencer. To View his full portfolio and website click here or to view his Instagram click here.

“RAINBOW BALLET” Credit: Christian Spencer

“THE HERMIT AND THE JACOBIN” Credit: Christian Spencer

“THE HUMMINGBIRD FLOWER” Credit: Christian Spencer

“VITRAL” Credit: Christian Spencer

“THE ECLIPSE” Credit: Christian Spencer

“CLOUD ANGEL” Credit: Christian Spencer

“WINGED PRISM” Credit: Christian Spencer

“COSMIC ANGEL” Credit: Christian Spencer

“WINGS OF LIGHT” Credit: Christian Spencer

All images © Christian Spencer. Shared with permission from the artist.