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Spiritually gifted people are people who were born into this world with some kind of gift. They are much stronger than the rest of us and capable of so much more.

Spiritually gifted people are deeply affected by a wide range of things in this world. They have to be very careful about the people they surround themselves with and the energies they allow before them. Below I am going to go over some of the peculiar things that affect them and what they do in that aspect. While some of these things might not seem like much to you, to the spiritually gifted they are a lot.

9 Peculiar Things That Deeply Affect The Spiritually Gifted:

1. They struggle with their own emotions.

Spiritually gifted people often struggle with coming to terms with their own emotions. While they might think they have everything figured out even the smallest situation can throw them off the edge. Emotions are a big thing for the spiritually charged person.

2. They can sense things others cannot.

Spiritually gifted people can sense things that other people cannot sense. Because of this, they do not always have to know someone well to spend a little time with them and they tend to talk to a lot of strangers. While there is nothing wrong with helping others, sometimes we need to think about ourselves.

3. They wake at odd hours in the night.

Spiritually gifted people tend to wake during the witching hour. This can really throw them off. They need all of the sleep they can get.

4. They can feel the negativity in a room before entering.

Spiritually gifted people can really sense the energies of the places they are headed. They see things as they are instead of as they could be. While this is a good thing, it is also a painful thing.

5. They often find themselves drained.

Spiritually gifted people tend to find themselves more drained than most. Being around others and living their lives is much more complicated than it should have to be. They tend to be drained on a deeper level and really struggle to make things work and find balance.

6. They have vivid dreams but also vivid nightmares.

Spiritually gifted people do have vivid dreams but this also comes with vivid nightmares. Vivid nightmares can be a lot for someone and can drive them over the edge. For many spiritually gifted people, this part of it is just too much.

7. They feel like outcasts.

Spiritually gifted people don’t feel like they fit in. They know that they stand out and are fine with it. That being said, the thought of what life would be like if they were normal does come up from time to time.

8. Others dump their emotional baggage on them.

Spiritually gifted people are dumping grounds for those who want to get things off of their chests. While letting it build up is easy cutting it out and letting it go is the better option. Don’t waste too much of your life fixing others when you haven’t fixed yourself.

9. They are often used in many ways.

Spiritually gifted people tend to let others use them. They are doormats for many people in this world, because they struggle with their own self-worth.