Throughout our lives most of us were pushed from very young ages to drink cow’s milk, right? We were told it was good for our bones and would help us to grow big and strong but perhaps that’s not true after all. 

Actually, when it comes to drinking milk we should be choosing non-cow based options to be completely honest. Yes, cow’s milk is tasty but in this day and age, we have alternatives that are just as good if not better in flavor and much better suited for human beings as a whole. I know, it might sound a bit odd to those who are so used to drinking cow’s milk but as time has passed more and more research has been done showing that we need to rethink what it is we drink. 

9 Health-Related Reasons Why You Should Consider Cutting Out Cow’s Milk From Your Diet:

1. Drinking cow’s milk can contribute to gastrointestinal issues.

According to Dr. Carlos Rodriguez who spoke with Spoon University nature itself only intended for milk to be drank during mammal’s infant stages. As we grow we shouldn’t be drinking it at all, to be honest. However, when it comes to cow’s milk the more we drink it the more we may end up facing gastrointestinal issues. Some people may face bloating, gas, or even pain in their abdomen as a result.

2. Drinking cow’s milk can cause acne.

According to a study from back in 2016, there is a link between acne and skim or low-fat milk. Many seem to think this is because of the hormonal side of things. You see, milk even organic milk contains insulin-spiking hormone triggers that can cause acne, in the long run, depending on how our bodies react to them. 

Curology wrote as follows on this topic on their website:

Dairy, especially skim milk, has been linked to acne in recent studies. The evidence is convincing, but this doesn’t apply to everyone! Some people break out from drinking milk; others don’t. In any case, the worst acne-related offender in the dairy family is skim milk. For some reason, skim milk is more likely to cause breakouts than whole milk, cheese, or yogurt.

3. Some people are actually allergic to cow’s milk whether they realize it or not.

While you would think that most people would be aware of such an allergy not everyone is. Those who are ‘allergic’ to milk end up facing skin issues as a result. They may break out in hives or face gut symptoms as a whole, this just depends on the person. While it’s rare for someone to have an overly serious reaction to milk, it does happen. 

4. Some people are lactose intolerant and yes not everyone is aware of this.

Lactose intolerance is something not everyone even realizes is actually a thing. Those with it should avoid cow’s milk big time because cow’s milk has a higher amount of lactose in it than any other animal produced milk. With most of the world’s population actually having been estimated as lactose intolerant it’s something to be aware of. I know, it might sound odd but it’s quite true, click here to go over a review covering that.

5. Drinking cow’s milk a lot may increase your risk of bone fractures.

A lot of people seem to think drinking milk from a cow is good for their bones but that’s not necessarily the case as we grow into adults. The more milk we drink the more we may also be increasing our risks of bone fractures, especially as women. Those who drink little to no milk don’t see this increase which speaks volumes.

6. Drinking cow’s milk could increase your risk of prostate cancer.

Milk and dairy products overall are linked to an increased risk of prostate cancer because of the IGF-I, saturated fats, and so forth within them. Because there is a lot of hormones and so forth within milk, it is something those who are at risk of prostate cancer should avoid. You can click here to read more about that.

7. Drinking cow’s milk might increase your risk of ovarian cancer.

While this may sound a bit subjective, there seems to be a link present between these two things. An analysis of 21 studies from back in 2005 fond that consuming milk products/lactose overall in a high intake manner was associated with increased ovarian cancer risks. This meaning if you want to lower your risks, don’t consume a lot of lactose overall.

8. Drinking cow’s milk may lead to cholesterol issues.

Too much of a tasty thing is a bad thing, right? Well, if you drink a lot of milk or consume a lot of whole-fat dairy products you may end up with high cholesterol issues. This is something a lot of people face and considering people of the past drank more whole milk than the people of today, that could be part of the reason why.

9. If you drink too much cow’s milk it might make you gain a lot of weight.

 Cow’s milk is very fattening especially if we drink a lot of it. That in itself is something we all know too well. If you drink a lot of milk, it might be making you pudgier than you’re accounting for. Moderation is key when it comes to this. 

Now, while some people will see these as reasons to cut cow’s milk out because of how much healthier some of the alternatives are and others will not, I think we can agree at the very least they are reasons to cut back if you do drink a lot of cow’s milk. It’s not what it’s made out to be and well, the negatives are existing that’s for sure. How much cow’s milk do you drink in a week?

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